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Why WordPress is Awesome

The magic of WordPress helping you manage website content at an affordable and flexible cost.

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Our website is run by WordPress and so are 60 million other websites. Probably because WordPress has “the flexibility of Movable Type, the parsing of TextPattern, the hackability of b2 and the-ease-of-setup of Blogger,” says the creator, Matt Mullenweg in the Forbes article, With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Rules The Web. It’s totally customizable and easy to use with tons of free tutorials and online resources to facilitiate anyone’s learning process. Plus it’s cheap and affordable, with mega plugins, widgets and themes to pick from.

Cheap and Affordable

It’s cheap and affordable. Actually it costs nothing! WordPress is Open Source, meaning the software is available to the general public for modification and enhancement. You could buy a hosting package and have a website up and running for under $100 dollars. But if you want a custom site, you’ll be looking at hosting plus creative web design services, but it’s definitely worth looking into designing a custom site. Because you’re not paying for a Content Management System (WordPress is free to download) expect to see costs for the implementation of a custom design, unless you’re a do it yourself kinda person. You can also pick from oodles of premium themes for a very low cost to use.

Plugins Galore

So now you’ve got a web design and you’re building it in WordPress but need some fancy shmancy tools to help manage an e-checkout, newsletter signup, paid advertisements, and optimize all your content for SEO while backing up your database, all of which can be completed with various plugins. There’s no more need to code your own program to run and manage any of these tools, because there are thousands of plugins to integrate into your website. The only thing you’ll need to know is a little bit of CSS to tweak the look and feel. Check it out for yourself!


If you think there’s a lot of plugins, you’ll be impressed with the range of widgets you can install on your WordPress site ranging from pricing tables, live chat platforms, social media tools, event managers and ad management tools.


You can go two routes with themes, free or purchased. A paid theme is cheap compared to a custom design, ranging from $10-$50. The sweet thing about a paid theme is many of them are built to be responsive, and many are go through rigorous testing in various browsers, platforms and devices, so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter major rendering and performance issues. It’s a steal of a deal!


WordPress gives you the freedom to manage and develop your website on your own, with the flexibility to move the site anywhere, and work with any developer. WordPress is incredibly easy to use and there are many resources to help anyone learn, simply do a Google search and you’ll find answers and or designers/developers with the skillset to help you manage the website. If you don’t like how your website is being treated, you’re in complete control and can have anyone work on it!

Tell us about why you love WordPress. Is there something we haven’t considered? Leave your comments below!

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