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What’s Communication Design?

And how to know what to expect

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Communication Design describes the work we do here at Actually. That’s because it encompasses all design mediums and we’re embracing it all – especially talking about it.

Advertising and marketing strategies start the design process, and design conveys the message. Yep, that’s right! They are linked together, and to get design right, you have to apply all communication strategies to design. They are not separate. They are whole efforts.

The goal of communication design is to evoke emotion from an audience and motivate them to respond to the message in the medium. It is a process that requires strategic thinking, market research, creativity, intellectual and emotional intelligence.

So in order for Communication Design to become effective, we have to understand the basic needs of the audience. The motives, passions, goals, aspirations, and intentions of the individuals who we want to sell the message to.

Here’s how we go about implementing your communication strategy:

We think focus groups play a key role in identifying the needs of an audience, and enable us to discover their  perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, or idea. It’s a straight forward way about finding out what your audience needs and wants. But if focus groups are not feasible (and sometimes aren’t because of budget) we will embark on  competitive analysis to get a grasp on what your competitors  can tell us about how and who they’re targeting. Sometimes we’ll do both, but we will always engage in competitive analysis.

Then we’ll communicate the strategy and techniques to you, and explain the angle without using buzz words or industry jargon. Next up, we’ll implement  marketing, advertising, communication and design strategies to a range of mediums to suit your budget while targeting your audience.

We like ideas. And we like to empower ourselves with them.  We want to hear your ideas and mash them together into one awesome communication design campaign, so tell us your story and get in touch with us.

There will always be much to say about Communication Design and we welcome your feedback, comments or suggestions.

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