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The Importance of Google+ Authorship

Want Google to respect your authority? You’d better step up to the plate and claim your Google+ Authorship.

The Importance of Google+ Authorship - Blog Article Banner Image
You’re out there, writing awesome posts for your blog on a regular basis. You’re offering quality content, putting in the right SEO keywords… so why aren’t you ranking higher on Google? Have you claimed your Google+ Authorship yet? It’s another way to make sure your posts and articles get noticed by Google.

We’ve told you the 2013 is the year where content marketers are really going to make their mark on the Internet. But it’s not just what content is being put out there, it’s also who is putting it out there. And that’s just as important. And that’s when Google+ Authorship comes in. AuthorRank is a hip and happening algorithm for the mega search engine and you want to ride that wave.

How can AuthorRank help you?

AuthorRank is what Google uses to help determine quality content. With the Google Penguin update, Google is using it as a signal to predict the quality of new content. That can be done if you have a proven track record of producing quality content, and Google will notice that if you have Google+ Authorship.  It’s like establishing your rep as a kick-ass content producer – and trust us, this is one rep you want to have. And we all win with Authorship. It’s Google’s way of getting rid of spam and forcing us to deliver quality.

Connecting the Content

With Google+ Authorship, you’ll be connecting all of the content you publish under your name to your Google+ profile. This makes authorship a crucial thing to consider by SEOs, content marketers and social media marketers alike. When your search results pop up, users will see your author’s photo, which also helps establish credibility as well as more likely to catch the reader’s attention. This means your story will be more likely to be clicked on… and who doesn’t want that?

And Best Of All…

Google gives preferential treatment to stories that have Google+ Authorship attached to it. It’s a central hub where you can tell people all about yourself and why you kick so much ass. If a visitor clicks on one of your articles in search, Google assumes that the reader will be interested in more content by the same author. Because one of your articles has been clicked on and read, Google will boost your visibility and credibility as your results are given more preference.

Have your set up your Google+ Authorship yet? If you have, have you seen any boosts to your website traffic? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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