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The Beginning of A New Age: Social Media, Brands & Engagement

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The Beginning of a New Age - Social Media, Brands & Engagement
What’s up with all the buzz around social media these days? Most businesses have been asking themselves this very question while blindly tackling their social media strategy in hopes to make a difference in their brand marketing. But first we need to understand why social media is so important in order to tackle it.

Social media marketing is different than all other types of marketing. This is because marketers have always been taught to get in the consumer’s face and distract them with eye-catching visuals, buzzwords, and key phrases. But guess what? Times have changed. Social media allows us to build relationships that require subtle movements along side the consumer in a more personal and humanistic manner. What do we mean by this?

Well, social media has created the potential to gain knowledge by developing a two-way street of communication, where we can identify the specific needs of our target audiences through their needs, wants, values, morals and general interests. Not only does it give them a voice to articulate their needs, but it also will give you the opportunity to react and give back highly authentic experiences.

The first place to start is to craft your brand and showcase it through your social media channels. We can help you do this, and you can start the process by downloading our workbook guide. It will point you in the right direction for getting your social media marketing plan started, regardless of what your business may be.

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