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RGD Future By Design: The Evolving Visual Landscape 2013

Five panelists discuss the changing effects of visual communications to our public spaces

RGD Future By Design: The Evolving Visual Landscape 2013
This past Tuesday I volunteered to assist the Barrie screening for the RGD Ontario Webcast Future By Design: The Evolving Visual Landscape presentation. The event took place in Kitchener and was broadcasted to event locations in Barrie, Hamilton, Kingston, London, North Bay, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury. The Barrie screening took place at Georgian College and over 25 people attended. I had the pleasure to assist Michelle Pereira, RGD’s Communications Coordinator, who live tweeted during the presentation. Follow them on Twitter.

The screening featured five panelists discussing the “changing effects of visual communications to our public spaces” as described by the RGD. Each panelist presented a short case study in projects they’ve created or showcased what’s in store for the future of design. The event was moderated by Wayne McCutcheon R.G.D., Partner at Entro Communications.

The Panelists

Andy Goodman, Managing Director at Fjord Madrid
Andy Goodman’s presented: “Hack You: The Body as the Next Interface”.

Dave Hollands, Head Creative at Royal Ontario Museum
Dave Holland’s shared the creative strategy and direction behind Ultimate Dinosaurs Giants from Gondwana exhibition at the ROM.

JP Lacroix, R.G.D., President of Shikatani Lacroix
St. Lawrence Centre Place Branding and Wayfinding program.

Andrew McCartney, SVP Integration, Managing Director at Tribal DBB Canada Tribal DDB Canada

Andrew McCartney shared a video about the strategy and creative direction of McDonald’s Canada new Q&A site including their new campaign “Our Food, Your Questions”.

Phillipe Meunier, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Sid Lee
Phillpe’s presentation discussed the future of design focusing on how and why design will be about attitude and breaking boundaries. He showcased some of Sid Lee’s teams projects that represented the right attitude and spirit of a brand while breaking boundaries.

Q&A Session

After the presentation the panelists participated in a live Q&A session.

Here’s what I captured from the Q&A session:

  • For creative ideas, find odd people – people who don’t think like you do.
  • Be surprising and alive!
  • 50% of purchases are bought emotionally.
  • Brands need to listen more – they need to listen to what customers say and think.
  • Sometimes you need to break out of the creative brief. Give the client the option to take a creative leap. Always propose what the clients wants, while including an additional 3-4 ideas. Often they’ll take a risk and go with an additional option that may not be the radical option but riskier than what they originally wanted.
  • Use the appropriate media for the message.
  • Have options when using technology – test everything and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • The message and the process is about establishing structure.
  • Be a planner and listen to the client.

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed the screening! I met some great new contacts and I captured valuable information regarding the future of design.

Did you attend RGD’s Future By Design? Tell us what you thought. Let us know in the comments below what you learned from the presentation!

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