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Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Resume Anymore

Your cv can now spread over the social web outlining your professional experience and much more!

Reasons You Don't Need a Resume Anymore - Blog Article designed by Actually a Communication Design firm
A while back I wrote an article about how to get a job as a graphic designer and I included in the how-to article the obligatory resume, a great starting for an introduction to a potential employer. Although today it seems as if it’s a formality, especially since it’s so easy to put your experience, knowledge and accolades online. With a few online resources and social media channels you can start landing job interviews without a resume anymore.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

These days your online resume starts with creation of a LinkedIn profile complete with a photo. Not only does a potential employer get to see your name, education and experience in one place, they can now get an idea of what you look like. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So now that you have your online resume, you can automatically connect with people you know –  teachers and professors, colleagues, clients, customers, and coworkers. Plus you can obtain recommendations from them. How awesome is that?

LinkedIn is also great for:

  • Sharing and liking content that’s relevant to your professional interests.
  • Keep you connected to your connections. Oh duh. That’s pretty obvious.
  • Posting loads of professional content about yourself. Content that showcases your professional experience, blog articles, website URLs, contact info, volunteer and academic experience.

Get a Website

I’ve mentioned this in a few articles now, but it’s super easy to get a free website (, and/or set up a WordPress site on a budget. A WordPress template can be easily be squeezed into a tight budget and they’re mighty impressive these days. So if coding isn’t your forte, start by finding a great template that’s right for you, tweak it a bit or stick with the original – whatever works best. But any route you take, definitely get a website and load it full of goodies about yourself and don’t forget to connect it to your social media channels, especially LinkedIn.


Facebook says a lot about who you are (remember a picture is worth a thousand words) and I’ve found myself using Facebook search to follow up on anyone wanting to work with us Actually, even prospect clients. Keep your Facebook professional and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your momma to see!


Twitter is a great social networking channel to help showcase your knowledge, ability, and awareness about the industry. It’s a 140 character note showcasing personality by talking about your quirks, brainwork and understanding of your role in your industry. Remember though, Twitter is very much like Facebook, a little bit of humour won’t be scrutinized, but keep it light and professional.


Blogging gives prospect employers and clients an in-depth idea of who you are by allowing them to tap into your noggin’ beyond 140 characters. The viewer gets a stronger perspective on your personality, values, morals and work ethic through your tone of voice in your writing style. Because resumes are so mundane and straight-to-the-point your attitude, beliefs and character won’t always be delivered well on a resume without clearly stating so.

Tell us why you think you do or don’t need a resume? Have we left something out? Leave your comments below!

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