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“Push Media” on Social Media – Info Comes to You When You Want It

When push comes to shove, you can use social media to Push Media to your target market, without it coming off as a sales pitch.

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Have you heard of the term “Push Media” before? If you’ve worked in marketing before, chances are you have. But did you know that Push Media can also be useful to you in the world of social media?

In the way of push strategy, your brand or business would use this to push your product, information, name, or service to a general audience. The information is being put out passively, and it’s available for those who want it. You wouldn’t consider this type of information targeted or sale-like in nature.

So how can you use push media in the social realm? Let’s look at a few of the social media heavyweights and give you a few ideas on how to make it work for you.

On Twitter – Promoted Trends

You’ve seen the little box on the left sidebar of your profile. Most of the trends are just that – popular trends that are tweeting at that point in time. But right on the top, there’s sometimes a trend with the word “Promoted” beside it. This is targeted to a broad audience. The company has paid for this spot and is seeing if it catches on. People will talk about it, even if it’s to say: “Ummmm, why is this trending?” It’s an effective way to get your information out there for a short amount of time and it draws attention to your brand/product/service.

On Facebook – Facebook Advertising

Fak advertising is a prime example of push media on the social web. These ads are found in the Sponsor sidebar on the right side of your Facebook page. Businesses can target Facebook users according to the data they’ve stored on their profile. The ad gets pushed out to people that match certain key demographic information. But it can be hit and miss with these messages – sometimes they are right on the money, other times, they are way off the mark.

Another great thing about this is that it’s really being underused by businesses – now’s your chance to pounce and take advantage of it. It’s great if you’ve got a tight budget, as it doesn’t cost a lot. It’s an awesome way to generate “likes” and interest for your brand or business. As well, it puts your name out to people who might not necessarily have come across you on their own.

So are you ready to push it (“Push it… Push it real good”—Salt ‘n’ Pepa)? What have your results been like with push media tactics in the past? Let us know your thoughts, concerns or questions in the comments section below.

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