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Influential Styles – Annie Hall

A film that sets standards for fashion and style.

Influential Styles - Annie Hall
This past Sunday, my boyfriend Mike and I decided to watch the movie Annie Hall. I wasn’t sure if I would be into it since it’s from 1977 but he said I would really enjoy it. So, I thought why the heck why not?

During the movie I commented on how much I loved the characters sense of style. I turned to Mike and said “I would wear every single outfit that Annie is wearing” and I told him he has to invest in a tweed blazer with elbow patches just like the one Alvy rocks in the movie.

Annie Hall's Look

Annie Hall’s Style

About the Film and The Characters

Annie Hall is a bittersweet romantic comedy. It was directed by Woody Allen from his co-written screenplay Marshal Brickman. In 1978, the film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and won three Oscars: two for Woody Allen (Best Director and Best Original Screenplay) and Best Actress for Diane Keaton.

Woody Allen plays Alvy Sin and Diane Keaton plays Annie Hall. Alvy is a Jewish New York Comedian who falls in love with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), a young woman from the Midwest who’s trying to make it big as a singer/photographer.

The film offers clever twists where the main characters plays personal influences of the cast, in varying ways. In one scene, Alvy, the main character, portrays Allen through auditions Woody Allen holds for his own screenplay. It’s truly genius.

Annie Hall's Look #2

Annie Hall’s Style

Annie Halls Fashion Sense

The story and the acting is admirable, but the characters sense of fashion is what really what clutched my attention. Today Diane Keaton is an icon who’s especially known for her influential wardrobe, and it becomes apparent in Annie Hall. Annie’s look is menswear inspired, dressing in vintage clothing – vests, baggy trousers, boyfriend blazers, fedoras, neckties and wireframe specs. Her sense of style is timeless and classic, like the film. Check out a scene where Alvy tells Annie he loves what she’s wearing.

If you want to learn more about how to get Annie’s look then visit a blog I came across from tealtown. They pick 15 essential pieces and illustrate how to pair the items together to create the Annie Hall look.

The Review

Annie Hall is a funny, quirky and romantic movie with a huge influence on fashion and style. We see this with the reviews, accolades, and character development. If you haven’t watched Annie Hall I highly recommend you do. I’ll definitely be watching it again!

Tell us about a movie that you think has influenced style or design. We would love to hear your recommendations!


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