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How To Use Google Keyword Tool For SEO Articles

The first place you should start your SEO articles research is on Google Keyword Tool. We’ll show you how it’s done.

How To Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO Articles - Blog Article Image
Everybody’s talking about SEO and how your site needs to jump on the bandwagon. You would… but you don’t know what to do with it. Do you just stick random keywords in your articles and fingers crossed, hope that the right people find you? That’s not a plan that’s going to bring you the results you want.  You should be using Google Keyword Tool for SEO articles.

Why It’s Awesome

One of the best keyword research tools on the market, Google Keyword Tool is free to use. You’ll find it extremely helpful when you’re putting together your content writing strategies. Not only can you use it when you’re writing articles and posts, you can also use it for the main page content of your site. With Google Keyword Tool, you can see how competitive a keyword is. Something to keep in mind – aim for reasonably popular keywords with lower competition.

Google Keyword Tool In Action

Let’s just say you have a Yoga Studio in Scarborough. You want to write SEO articles and posts that highlight keywords that deal with your industry. First, you would brainstorm a list of words you think are yoga related. Don’t worry; there are no wrong answers in this phase of the process. Just get all your ideas on paper. Once you have your list, it’s time to plug them into Google Keyword Tool. The tool will show you something like this:

Screenshot of Google Keywords Tool - SEO Articles

Screenshot of Google Keywords Tool – SEO Articles (click to enlarge)


We came up with a list of 10, but your list can be as long as you’d like. As you can see, some of the terms ranked with low competition and high global searches, while others ranked for high competition and low global searches. The term Scarborough yoga class ranks high with low searches, but it’s still worth highlighting in your articles because it’s a very targeted audience – they will be more likely to contact you for Scarborough yoga classes. Other terms don’t rank at all, so you can eliminate them from your list. You’ll want to write lots of articles Bikram yoga and hot yoga – both terms have low competition and high search results.

Google Keyword Tool Bonuses

This handy tool does some brainstorming for you. Take a look at the photo below:

Screenshot of Google Keywords Tool - SEO Articles

Screenshot of Google Keywords Tool – SEO Articles (click to enlarge)


Look – now you’ve got a bunch of Keyword Ideas you may never have thought of on your own. Feel free to incorporate them into your list of SEO articles to write. And if you really like a keyword idea, click on the arrow after the keyword to see more ideas like that one.

SEO article writing is an ongoing process. Your list will grow, change and be edited. That’s all a part of the process – it’s never ending. But think of it like this: Google Keyword Tool is giving you ways of continuously reaching your target market and growing your audience.

Google Keyword Tool isn’t the only tool you use to write SEO articles. It’s an important one and it should be part of your SEO recon efforts. In follow-up articles, we’ll go over a few more tools you can use to come up with keywords for your SEO articles.

Do you employ Google Keyword Tool to help write your SEO articles? Do you need extra help or advice? Let us know and we’d be happy to help.

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  1. What do you mean “the other terms don’t rank at all”? The other terms have thousands of searches a month, meaning more popularity and definitely more people writing about them.

    Also, the competition shows you how many people are currently bidding for that query. Meaning if you tried targeting Scarborough yoga, that has a high competition, you will only be targeting 320 people a month and are likely NOT to rank because of so many people competing for those keywords as well.


    • Thanks for the comment Lior!

      We’re not ignoring the importance of the other terms that rank, we’re just giving a general outline of how to use Keyword Tools for SEO articles.

      Like you said there’s definitely a lot more to identifying keywords for a business and it can be get very complex, so it’s super important to be doing competitive analysis research in regards to keywords.


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