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How to Jump on the Frictionless Sharing Craze

It may sound like a term you’d find on Urban Dictionary, but Frictionless Sharing is all about making sharing easier… in a social media kinda way.

How to Jump on the Frictionless Sharing Craze

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just invent Facebook, he’s also contributing to the English language. He’s the one that coined the phrase “Frictionless Sharing.” What exactly does it mean? Basically, it refers to the way we share media and resources using social media outlets. And as time passes, it gets easier to share the things we like with others, thanks to apps, tools and plug ins. These things let us share with the touch of a button (or badge).

What are you doing to make the content you generate on your website and social media accounts easy-peasy to share? We’re going to let you in on a few ways you can jump in on this Frictionless Sharing thing.


One of the reasons we love WordPress (we love it so much that if we could, we’d marry it) is that you can add handy-dandy plugins. These doo-dads add functionality to your site. And there are more than a few plugins that promote your pages and posts. One that we’re particularly fond on is the Shareaholic Sexy Bookmarks plugin. You can add a slew of cute buttons at the bottom or the top of your pages and posts that let users easily share them across numerous social media platforms. Visitors don’t even need to think about how to share it – the buttons do all the work for them.


We’re going to go into more detail about Pinterest in a future article, but right now, we’re going to touch on how this newer social media site makes it easy to share. Basically, you pin pictures from all over the web to your inspiration boards. These pictures can be automatically added to your Timeline (you can disable sharing). All your friends get to learn all about what makes your style tick. Pinterest also has an easy to download toolbar that lets you pin anything you come across on the internet – just click the button on the toolbar and the picture goes to your board.

Shopping Apps

If you’re selling products online, there are apps that let your customers’ favourites and share what they love and what they have bought.  An example of this is Fancy. This online magazine let customers save items to a list, leave comments or share them with friends. Oh, and people can also buy the products. Another site that does it right is (we’re guilty of sighing and lusting over products at this online shop). They have integrated social shopping features that post right to Facebook Timeline. When you buy something from, it pushes it right to your Timeline. That way, if your friends are intrigued by what you bought, they can visit the site and purchase it for themselves. It’s a cycle that keeps giving.

How do you feel about Frictionless Sharing? A pleasure or a pain? How do you make it easy for your customers to engage in this practice? Is there such a thing as TMI (too much information)? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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