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How to be Unforgettable Online

Here’s some tips to becoming unforgettable online and develop your brand online.

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Being unforgettable online starts with identifying the meaning of your brand. Can you define it? If you can’t, listen up (or keep reading) and we’ll discuss how to become unforgettable and develop your brand online. A brand is much more than your logo or symbol on your letterhead – it’s the image that defines your business, and the goods or services that you sell. It’s an abstract concept. There’s no real product to buy when it comes to your brand, but establishing a brand adds value to your company.

Three things a Brand Should Be

  1. Memorable – Will people remember it?
  2. Compelling – Is it powerful and irresistible?
  3. Carry implied value – It’s value-worthy and adds value to the marketplace

So how should you brand yourself online to be unforgettable? Start with building a relationship with Google.

Your Partner in Building Your Online Brand

Google is watching, or shall we say, crawling everything you put online, and because of this is your partner in building your online brand. Google loves when you blog articles, and interact with the social web using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So how do you do this, you ask? For starters, don’t be shy. Start talking about your product or services. Google cares what you have to say, wants your content, to build your online brand.  All of this messaging adds value to your brand, leveraging you as an asset in the marketplace. You want that don’t you? Geez. Even we want it for you.

Here’s some steps to try to help build your online presence

Position yourself and the brand by using your name in blog articles “Amanda’s top fall colour picks” for example. Use your name to brand your company. This is a great strategy because not many people know about Actually yet, but a lot of people know about Amanda Chamberland and want to know what she’s up to. It’s just natural. That’s why she has so many Facebook friends!

  • Publish content often. Several times a week if possible, and at least monthly.
  • Publish to online communities and social media channels.
  • Provoke questions and comments in your blog articles.
  • Engage with other online bloggers and build relationships with leaders in the industry, or influential bloggers by commenting on their blogs, tweets, retweet, follow, or be friends on Facebook (but don’t be creepy about it).
  • Mention others content in your social feeds – Retweet, Like, and source links in blog articles
  • Suggest other resources that might be valuable to them

When you start to implement these strategies, make sure to keep an eye on what’s being said  about your product or services and the brand. It’s also a good idea to interact quickly with the people who engage with you, even if its good or bad. These steps will help you build an unforgettable online presence – but keep in mind it will take time. Expect the strategy to grow slowly at first, and leads to start trickling in within 6-12 months. Here’s hoping you get 1-2 leads a day, just from branding yourself online and building your online presence!

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for becoming unforgettable and building your brand online? Tell us! Leave us your comments in the section below.

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