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Have You Heard About Facebook Social Jobs?

Find a job socially with Facebook Social Jobs App – the new way to change careers.

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Hey LinkedIn, watch your back! The social media giant has recently launched the Facebook Social Jobs Partnership app that connects its users with job opportunities. So now when you update your status at work, you can check out job postings – and if you’re on Facebook too much at work, those job postings may come in handy.

Facebook Social Jobs Partnership app launched in November 2012 and is the year-long result of a partnership between Facebook, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Direct Employers Association, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Thanks to this app, you’re able to check out jobs and other info from numerous online recruitment platforms, including Work4 Labs, Jobvite, BranchOut, Monster, and US Jobs.

How Facebook Social Jobs Works

Facebook has more than 2 million job listings (and growing). First off, you need to add the app to your Facebook profile. If you’re looking for a particular job, just type a keyword term into the search box. It’s not just keywords you can search for – you can also find positions by location, job categories and subcategories. Do you want to apply for a position? You don’t even need to leave Facebook – you can apply for your new career in between stalking your friends.

It’s not going up against LinkedIn as direct competition. Considering that Facebook Social Jobs has only been out for a few months, there are still bugs to work out and tweaks to be made. Even then, we’re pretty sure LinkedIn has nothing to worry about. That business networking site also offers networking opportunities that Facebook doesn’t. But if you’re actively looking for a job, Facebook Social Jobs Partnership is worth checking out.

A Place For Recruiters

If you’re looking to add more bodies to your business, Facebook Social Jobs is also the place for you. Facebook is all about recouping some of its lost IPO cash, so the network it selling some of its sought-after ad space. And recruiters should be all over this new opportunity. Companies need the right candidate and Facebook has people freely sharing personal information. It’s a match made in social media heaven.

Have you tried Facebook Social Jobs App out yet? If so, let us know how it worked out for you by regaling us with your experience in the comments section below. Do you “like” this idea? Would you try it out?

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