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Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

We’ve discovered some of the habits of highly successful bloggers and we want to share them with you – we’re good like that.

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Have you got what it takes to make it in the blogging world? Sure you do – you just don’t know it yet. But successful bloggers aren’t born that way… they work at it, every single day. Blogs just don’t take care of themselves. A blog is a business, and businesses – especially start-ups – don’t run smoothly on their own.

But good news! We’ve got the habits of highly successful bloggers – and it isn’t rocket science. You don’t need a degree from MIT to make your blog wildly successful. These are tips you can start using today and they’re easy enough to implement into your blogging plan. Lean in closer and we’ll tell you everything…

Thank You So Much!

Everyone likes to be thanked, even if it feels like they haven’t done much. And you should be thanking your audience. Even if all they are doing is reading your blog posts – without them, you don’t have an audience. And without an audience, you don’t have a successful blog. Thank your audience – tell them that they are the most awesome audience in the world. Give them special discounts or VIP access to information the average Joe doesn’t get.  But don’t get too carried away – nobody likes a kiss ass. If you start saying thanks on every blog post, it’s not going to mean much. There is no mathematical formula, just follow you gut. Throw in a “you guys are awesome” when it feels right. Oh, and have we thanked you recently for reading our blog posts, because we think you are the best readers ever. And we’re not just saying that. You’re awesome.

Plan Ahead

Highly successful bloggers plan out what they are going to write weeks or months in advance. They follow editorial calendars  in order to stay on track and stay on topic. It allows them to cover new and emerging trends in the industry and address their audience’s questions and concerns. They don’t need to come up with topics at a moment’s notice because they’ve already planned out what they’re going to write out. You may be dragging your feet on putting together your own editorial calendar, but once you try it out, you’ll wonder how you got any work done without it.

Shameless Self Promotion

Before anyone else knows how awesome you are, you’re going to have to start the conga line of kudos. That’s what social media networks are great for. You can let you fans know that you’ve written a nifty new blog post and ask them to read and comment. If the post is informative and relevant, then others will start to spread the word on your awesomeness. Highly successful bloggers schedule social media time – we’re talking actual work, not snooping to see what your friends are up to. Post to you social media accounts regularly on various points of interest.  Make it a mix of your stuff and info your audience is into. Do it during the week and on the weekend – your social media accounts shouldn’t stop for days off.

What have you noticed your competition or other bloggers do to become successful? What do you do to get your name out there? Share your thoughts with the rest of the class in the comments section below.

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