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Great Web Designer Tools

Here’s a list of some great Web Designer tools to download and install - some are browser based and some are available over the Internet.

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I’ve compiled a list of the online tools I use for web design and development that’ll be great resources for any designer – everything you’ll need to create a lovely web design or digital presence for your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube GUI, landing pages or banner ads.

ColorZilla is a Firefox add-on that assists web developers and graphic designers with color related tasks – both basic and advanced. ColorZilla uses an eyedropper tool to grab a colour from any element in your web browser, copies the colour value and pastes it into another program. It saves you a bit of time not having to paste an image into Photoshop to grab a RGB or HEX value to create a colour palette.

Adobe Kuler
Adobe Kuler is a freakin’ awesome colour generator tool to view, pick and create colour schemes and pallets for your web projects. I’m fond of browsing through the community themes to brainstorm some colour combos. Kuler allows you to enter a RGB, CMYK or HEX value as a base colour then select a rule to see colour schemes for analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound and shades. Plus, there’s a custom rule feature, where you can play and create a colour scheme from a base colour.

Drop Box
A colleague told me about Dropbox in 2010. It’s a fantastic piece of software that simplifies sending large files to co-workers, colleagues and clients. It’s become an important tool for me to transfer files to clients on a regular basis. One of the best features of Dropbox is it’s free software, enabling you to ‘drop’ files to an online storage folder or ‘box’ that others can access with an email or a direct download link. I prefer to send a direct link to download, which prompts a client to download a zip file. Warning though – only download files from trusted sources!

This FTP solution is free and easy to use. It’s one of the best file transfer protocol software that I’ve ever used. With quick setup, you can create a list of your FTP sites, under the “My Site” hierarchy by accessing File from your top menu, then Site Manager.

Tell us about your favourite web designer tools you use. Is there anything we left out? Leave your comments below!

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