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Five Awesome Examples of Single Page Web Designs

Check out our one page website loves.

The one pager or single page websites are definitely the newest trend in web design. This article by Nathan B. Weller, points out the many reasons why, including a lower bounce rate and greater user engagement. Here are five websites that are doing the one pager and doing it right.

1.Jess and Russ


Jess and Russ, a whimsical wedding invite brought to you by the very awesome Jessica Hische, uses a one page design layout to tell the story of how she and partner Russ, met and fell in love. You can’t help but be impressed by the creative graphics and interaction, not too mention the sweet love story.

2. Reverend Danger


A one page website brought to you by Reverend Danger, a digital agency specializing in harmonious interactive design. The site represents an engaging way to highlight both services offered and the playful, fun nature of this particular agency. This site will keep you scrolling to see what pops up next.

3. Every Last Drop


This particular site, designed by Nice & Serious, is a fun way to address the importance of smart water consumption and appreciate “Every Last Drop“. Almost interactive in nature, the images change and move as the user scrolls. It’s a really neat use of a one page website and a great way to bring attention to an important topic.

4. Dangers of Fracking


Another great example of using the one page, this site was designed by Linda Dong in support of the FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act). engages users by scrolling the page to discover facts about fracking and it’s potential dangers. It’s an especially great resource for kids to learn more about fracking, resource consumption and the environment.

5. Create Pilates


The Create Pilates website, created by Flourish Brand Stylists is well designed and engaging to users interested in pilates health, fitness and education. It’s a fresh and different approach to a company website that definitely stands out from the other multipage pilates and yoga studio pages.

What do you think of the trend towards one-page web design. Love it? Hate it? Would you design your website as a single page website? Let’s us know!


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