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Communication Design Rocks

Ten reasons why communication design is so darn great.

So you may have come across the term “communication designer” before and wondered just what exactly this title means. Is it just some fancy way of saying you are a graphic designer? Although the labels are sometimes used interchangeably, graphic design and communication design are NOT the same thing. Communication design is a far more diverse approach to communicating and conveying messages and ideas and …. it rocks! Here are 10 reasons why:

1. It’s the Whole She-bang!

Communication design encompasses a variety of different disciplines and skill sets. When we talk about communication design, we are not only talking about graphic design, but also about information architecture, web, graphic, user interface and user experience design, copywriting, typography, wayfinding, illustration, advertising, animation and visual identity design.

2. It Targets A Variety of Channels

Communication design does not rely on one static channel in order to convey a message. In fact, it utilizes a variety of channels including print, social media, the web and other public places to convey a message.

3. It’s Collaborative

The process of communication design is a collaborative approach. All ideas are welcomed, considered and often utilized in order to create the best possible way to share the intended message.

4. It Goes Beyond Visuals

When we think of advertising or sharing a message, we often get hung up on print. Communication design is different, in that it extends beyond the “print-only” mindset to also consider other ways we receive messages. This includes things like touch, smell and hearing.

5. It’s Engaging

Another reason why communication design is so darn cool is that it has the ability to engage. Communication design focuses on motivating, inspiring, attracting and convincing its target audience.

6. It’s Considerate

While it is focused on conveying a message, communication design also takes into account the needs and expectations of its audience in order to produce a truly effective means of communicating.

7. It’s an Art

When we engage in communication design, we think creatively and use creative ways to resolve problems and work around communication related obstacles.

8. It’s a Science

As much as it depends on creativity, communication design also utilizes an analytical approach that includes strategic thinking, business planning and analysis.

9. It’s a Holistic Approach

Communication design looks at communicating as a whole rather than several different parts. This means that your message is able to be communicated in a clear and consistent way throughout the various channels and mediums.

10. It’s Dynamic

The world, and the way it communicates, is constantly changing. By employing a dynamic approach, communication design takes into account the needs of the intended audience, in addition to new and emerging technologies. As a result, the message created is always both relevant and adaptable.

Are you a fan of Communication Design? Perhaps you still have questions about why Communication Design is so darn great. Share your thoughts, ideas and feelings below!




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