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Why You Should Blog Authentically

You’re the real deal. But how do you get that across to your audience? Discover why it’s so important for you to blog authentically.

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In the past, we’ve talked about how important it is to be transparent when you blog. Now, we’re going to enlighten you about a topic that just as important as being transparent – it’s about being authentic when you blog.

Why should you blog authentically? Because it’s important for your audience to see you as a person, not just a business or a brand. Remember, people want to form a relationship with a living, breathing human being, not a soulless company. And by blogging authentically, you’re keeping it real. Word to big bird.

It’s important to keep in mind that blogging authentically doesn’t mean you’re telling your audience about personal facts they don’t want to know about (that means keeping your bathroom habits to yourself). That’s a little too real. Being authentic is stepping up to the plate and staying true to you while providing your audience with the information it needs. Here are a few tips on how you can blog authentically.

Know Your Audience

Your blog is an awesome place for you to get to know your audience. You can build those all-important relationships by asking them questions, starting polls or requesting likes/dislikes when it comes to your posts. These are all kick-ass ways to get to the heart of who your audience is and start conversations that turn into relationships.

You’ve Got Personality

Baby, you’ve got tones of personality – you should be showing it off on your blog. It comes back to being a person, rather than a business. As long as you stay professional, don’t be afraid to make your audience laugh, cry, get them angry or make them think. Write about things you find funny or that make you scratch your head in wonderment. Not only will it help build trust and confidence in your company/brand, but it will also help break up your blog posts, making them easier to read.

We All Make Mistakes

You know what people do? They make mistakes. And if you make a mistake, write a blog post about it. Admit that you’re wrong and you’ll notice your audience will appreciate that you’ve come clean to them. When you tell people that you goofed up, you’re being authentic.

What do you do to blog authentically? Share your tips or questions with the rest of the class – just post those bad boys in the comments section below.

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