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What Really Matters on the Social Web: Your Interests

We know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes promoting yourself or your business isn’t about self-promotion. What really matters on the social web are your interests… which also happen to be your customers’ interests.

What Really Matters on the Social Web: Your Interests
This is where you have an advantage over big business. They tend to be faceless corporations without a soul. Not you – you’ve got plenty of personality. And using social media, you can really make it shine and draw more people to you and your business.

Take us for example. We’re a design firm. But we’re much more than that – we’re uber-cool people that have amazing taste in music, food and entertaining ideas. We’ve got a quirky sense of humour and style. And we use social media to get that across to our fans and followers. Not only does it help break up the posts that are all business, but it gives our customers a chance to see that we are just like them – pretty darn hip.

It Can’t Be All About You

If all you’re posting about is how great you are (which we are not denying) or pushing a sale, service or product, people are going to start to tune you out. It’s like shoving it in their faces and yelling “Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!” Yep, that’s pretty annoying. So surprise your audience. Post an intriguing article you found on another site or a photo that made you laugh so hard, you peed your pants a little. Share a book or song that you’re into at the moment. Did you just eat the best damn taco you’ve ever ate in your life? Tell your followers where they can get it. But make sure you don’t overuse this tactic – if you start posting about your every movement during the day, you’ll soon notice your friend count dropping.

What Interests Your Audience?

Let’s say you offer interior design services. What would be of interest to the people who you want to follow your blog and social media accounts? Chances are they want to know about the latest fashion trends for their homes, home makeovers and renovations, cool furniture, organization tips and celebrities’ home style. These are a few of the things that would be relevant to your audience, so these are the things you should be on top of. Share your cool finds and observations with your followers. This services a few purposes:

  1. You’re not always talking about you, you, you. It’s a good mix of your stuff and other stuff of interest.
  2. You’re setting yourself up as an expert. You know what’s hip and happening. Once your audience sees that you’re looking out for what interests them, they are going to come to you when they are looking for information.
  3. It lets your personality shine through. You have the same interests as your audience – you have so much in common.
  4. You’re learning something new. And learning is great, ‘cause knowledge is power!

How have you used your interests to engage your audience and customers? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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