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What Is Twitter Really Good For?

You may have said, “What is Twitter good for?” in the past, but this micro-blogging site has a lot to offer businesses like yours.

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What can you say in 140 characters? A lot more than you think! And that’s why Twitter is so popular (thanks to a little kick in the ass from Oprah). And it’s not just for people who want to let other people know what they’ve had for breakfast – it’s good for businesses, too.

We’ve laid out the facts (and just the facts, ma’am) as to what Twitter is good for. And it turns out, it’s good for business!

Fact #1 : Twitter is Awesome For SEO

We bet you didn’t know that Tweeting a page from your website is one of the best ways to let web crawlers know of a url. This sends your onsite search engine optimization to go into overdrive, because information crawlers take notice and gobble them up (om nom nom). The number of bots that stalk Twitter is staggering – and you want to get in on that action. For this to work you need to be Tweeting consistently and the links need to go to relevant sites and pages.

Fact #2: Twitter Connects You To Your Target Audience

People use Twitter to get regular updates on news and information important to them. Once they start following you, you need to give them what they crave – information about the things they care about. And you have to give them a reason to care, so that they’ll Retweet your information to their followers. If you’re just getting started on Twitter, be sure to add a Twitter button or link to your site so customers can easily find you. As well, start following people that fall into your target audience and don’t be overly picky – the more the merrier!

Fact #3: Eavesdrop On Conversations

What are people saying about you? Are they trash talking your business? What is the competition doing? What are the concerns of your target audience? Twitter lets you see what others are saying about you, others in your industry and the problems facing your customers. Use this intel to your advantage. It’s not sneaky, it’s smart. Steer the conversation to you. Become the voice of reason. Squash trash talk and take care of business.

Fact #4: Shameless Self Promotion

Hey, there’s nothing like tooting your own horn, especially when you want to let people know you’ve got something to toot about. Twitter is awesome for sharing late-breaking news and offers you want your dedicated followers to know about. It might be a one-day sale, a time-limited offer or just a super-important notice. Whatever the reason is, Twitter is the perfect tool to use to promote your business when you’ve got a little somethin’, somethin’ to talk about.

Have you signed up your business for a Twitter account? If so, what do you like most about this social media platform? Do you have any other ways that Twitter is good for business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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