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What is StumbleUpon

What if you could introduce your website to people who have never heard of you before? It’s time to find out how StumbleUpon can introduce your content to thousands of new visitors.

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We’ve told you all about the joys of article sharing. Now, we want to let you in on another way people can discover your online content. StumbleUpon is a site that tells its members about sites and online content they would find interesting and cool. And if you stumble your content on the site, you’ll be opening up your site to a whole new batch of visitors.

StumbleUpon gives users a chance to discover websites they may never have come across on their own. And this handy-dandy tool is free to use – what a great way to get someone else to market your site! Let’s go over what StumbleUpon can do for you.

The Basics

So what is StumbleUpon and how do you get started? Just sign up for a free membership. You’ll then be asked to pick out topics that interest you. Perhaps you’re really into DIY projects and pets. StumbleUpon will come up will a list of websites that you should check out. You can like give it a thumb’s up by liking an article or site.

Just like most social media sites, you can follow others and members can follow what you recommend. You can comment on articles you find on StumbleUpon and search the most popular trending sites.

How to Use it For Your Business

StumbleUpon is about Shameless Self Promotion, too. Once you’ve set up a profile, it’s time to start Stumbling. Just click on the Profile tab and you’ll see a button that says “Add a Page.” It will take you to a page where you plug it the url you’d like to feature (preferable an interesting article you’ve written that’s on your site). Tell people what the link is all about, add some pertinent keyword tags and a brief description of the article in the comment section. When you’re all done, hit the “Add This Page” button. Bam – your article is now in the StumbleUpon universe.

Like any other social media venue, you have to be diligent and consistent with your StumbleUpon account. And don’t forget to add a StumbleUpon button at the bottom of all your blog posts and articles. This makes it easy for your readers to share content they like on the site. You can use all the help you can get promoting your site!

Have you ever used StumbleUpon? What is your experience with it? Will you be making it part of your Internet marketing strategy? As always, we want to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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