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What is Facebook Offers?

Your business or brand can benefit from Facebook Offers. Bring in more business and fans using this social couponing strategy.

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Oh, that pesky Facebook – always changing things around or adding something new to confuse us. And what’s with Facebook Offers? Is that something you need to concern yourself with? If you want to promote your business on Facebook, we think you should take a closer look at Facebook Offers.

You like your customers and you want them to like you just as much – so why not give them another reason to really like you? By posting a discount or promotion such as an offer on your Facebook page, you are able to draw more attraction to yourself.  These offers are like coupons. Once one of your fans claims an offer, they’ll get an email that works like a coupon. All they have to do is bring it in to your store or redeem it online to get that super sweet deal. That means you don’t need to have a physical location to take advantage of this Facebook service – online stores can now get in on the action.

It will cost you a few bucks to run a Facebook Offers promotion. How much? Well, that’s really up to you. Prices start at $5, and depending on how many people you want to reach, that price goes up. Offers are free for your customers to claim.

What seems to be so awesome about Offers is that it is a truly social product and less like a paid ad. Offers are driven by sharing; they aren’t noisy ads clogging up your fan’s profiles. The concept is that Offers are like word-of-mouth viral deals. It goes beyond a broader audience than the initial target that was paid for by a business.  You share a deal with a fan, and they spread that deal to their friends… and so on.

For smaller businesses that don’t have a large budget, Facebook Offers is a great way to draw more eyes to your page. But in order for it work successfully, your page needs a good fan base to start off with. And if you’re just starting out, that may require some extra Facebook marketing tactics (Facebook Ads, for example).

If you’re interested in setting up a Facebook Offer, the site gives you detailed instructions on how to get going. You can add a picture, barcodes and copy to make the deal more enticing.

Since this is a relatively new product to Facebook’s lineup, we’ll be watching to see how it develops. Have you ever redeemed or set up a Facebook Offer? We’d love to hear about your experiences – leave them in the comments section below.

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