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UX or UI?: Demystifying Techie Job Titles

Demystifying Techie Job Titles

Web Designer, User experience designer, Front End Developer, Web Architect, User Interface Designer, Digital Designer, Interactive Graphic Designer – there sure seems to be an abundance of different job titles in the web and technology industry (and some of them sound darn right made up!). Taken together, it can all be a little confusing! Here’s a breakdown of the different job titles you may have come across and just what exactly that job title entails.

User Experience Designer (UX)

According to smashing magazine , User Experience Designers focus on whether a website or other form of technology is not only attractive in appearance, but also intuitive and easy for the user to utilize. If a website or other product gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, you probably have a User Experience Designer to thank.

User Interface Designer (UI)

The term User Interface Designer and User Experience Designer are often used interchangeably and they certainly hold a similar niche within the industry. The subtleties between the two roles can be a little confusing, however. As explains, User Interface Designers are primarily concerned with “the part of the product that faces the user” while User Experience Design goes beyond the interface, also studying and evaluating functions, processes and actions that may not be seen by the user.

Front End Developer

Front End Developers are primarily concerned with the development on the front end of things. Um, yeah! But what does this involve? Primarily, it involves a knowledge and skill with HTML, CSS and JQuery. Basically, anything that happens on the client side of the site or application is the Front End Developer’s domain.

Back End Developer

In comparison, the back end developer inhabits the scary, shadow world involving the database and server-sidedness. Back end developers are more typically described as “coders” and use programming languages such as PHP, Python and/or the increasingly popular Ruby.

Web Designer

The term web designer is a little general and typically is most closely aligned with a Front End Developer, although web designers may also focus on content and graphics creation for the web. Interested in becoming a web designer? Check out our previous blog article about how to become one!

Communication Designer

Perhaps we’re a little biased here, but communication designers do it all! Communication Designers specialize in graphic and web design, as well as interaction and user experience design. Check out this article about why communication design rocks .

As you can see, there are subtle differences between the various techie job titles currently in favour. Each one brings a specialized skill set to the table and has chosen to hone his/her skill set and knowledge in a particular way. The bottom line – they all drink gigantic amounts of coffee!

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