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Using Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand

In Life, and Twitter, it’s All about Balance

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Your personal Twitter account is an important tool for creating and building your own personal brand. But how do you create an engaging and dynamic presence on this social media platform? The key, my friends, is balance.

Personal and Professional

Your personal Twitter account is not your LinkedIn profile. Don’t be afraid to tell, and show, the world what you are passionate about. This allows your followers the opportunity to get a sense of who you really are. Did you enjoy a hot yoga class for the first time? Tweet about it!  Better yet, use the Twitter handle of the yoga studio or instructor in your tweet to build connections.

However, if all you tweet about is your love of World of War Craft, you may be missing opportunities to share your career interests and insights (unless you are a professional World of War Craft player, of course). Search and follow Twitter users who work in your field and those who will have interesting insights to share. This not only allows you to gain important information about new developments, but also shows that you are committed to and passionate about what you do.

Talk and Listen

Many have expressed the idea that social media works best when it involves conversations. So your tweets can be about expressing your own ideas and ideas you find interesting, but should also involve engaging with other Twitter users. Did you find a certain tweet on your feed compelling? Instead of simply re-tweeting, opt to respond to the author and ask a question. This will initiate a conversation that will allow you, and others, to engage virtually.

Original and Re-tweeted Material

If 90% of your Twitter content is re-tweeted, people may think that you don’t have much to say. Although, it’s okay to re-tweet information that you think is worth sharing, you may want to intersperse your re-tweeted material with your own original thoughts and ideas. And if you are going to re-tweet, make sure you properly acknowledge the source of the material by adding RT at the beginning. You can also add your own thoughts before the re-tweeted material – an excellent opportunity to tell your followers why this tweet is so darn great!

When used in a balanced way, Twitter can be a powerful social tool that allows you to share with and learn from others. How have you utilized Twitter to expand and build your personal brand? Share your thoughts below!

About The Blogger

Jessica Gilfillan - Portrait

Jessica Gilfillan – Guest Blogger

Jessica Gilfillan is a second year Web Design and Animation student at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. She is interested in responsive design, creating an accessible web for all and mastering PHP.

In her spare time she likes to crochet, practice yoga and hang out with her hound dog, Ruby. She also hopes to learn how to play the banjo in the near future. You can follow Jessica on Twitter @jessicaanngilly.

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