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Top 10 Things We Love About Social Media

Oh, social media, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways – but we’ll keep it to the top 10 things we love about social media.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we’re in the mood for a little lovin’ – social media lovin’ that is. We adore all the perks available for individuals and businesses. It helps us get in touch with the peeps that mean the most to us (that’s you!).

We’ve assembled the top 10 things we love about social media. And we think these tokens of our affection are much more practical than a box of chocolates (and fewer calories too).

  1. You can talk directly to your target audience and consumers to learn what they want.
  2. You can drive customers to your website.
  3. It puts you in touch with people who may never have found your site and services on their own.
  4. You can receive instant feedback about your product or service, which enables you to improve and provide a better experience for your clients.
  5. You can find out the trending topics before they hit the newspapers or the television and write about them on your social media account – you’ll be seen as a news trender!
  6. You can share your passion with the world on your blog and turn it into a business.
  7. You can put a human face on your business by posting pictures of yourself. You’re proving that even though you are an expert, you want to connect on a personal level with your audience.
  8. The networking opportunities offered by social media mean that you have experts available at your fingertips – perfect for guest posts, interviews and quotes.
  9. It gives you a chance to comment on other sites and link back to your blog or website, which generates plenty of link love.
  10. It’s free! We love free!

There are so many reasons to bend down on one knee and ask social media to marry you. Okay, maybe we’ve gone a little too far with that one. But we’d love to hear why you love social media. Leave your love notes in the comments section below (make sure they’re PG – we run a clean site here!).

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