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The Essential Need-To-Know Workshop: Building Your Web Presence

If you're not building your web presence – the proper way – you're losing business every day. We can help you turn it around.

Who needs to be online? Everybody! If you have something to sell, something to say or something to teach, you need to be on the web. Easier said than done, right? And this is especially true if you have a limited budget. But we’ve got the answer for you – a workshop that’s dedicated to building your web presence.

To find what they’re looking for, people turn to the web first to do their research. If you don’t have a web presence (or you’re current web presence is seriously out of date), customers are going to pass you by and move on to your competitors. The Building Your Web Presence workshop is all about helping you solve this dilemma. If you don’t have a web presence, we’ll teach you how to start one. If you have one but aren’t happy with the results it’s producing, we’ll show you how to increase your web traffic.

What We’ll Be Covering

Our Building Your Web Presence workshop is all about strengthening what makes you or your business so unique, and sharing that information with the world! This workshop is all about you – and here’s what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll learn how to define and create marketing strategies to increase sales, improve your online productivity and develop an engaging online presence.
  • You’ll leave with a clear understanding of branding, content development, social media, SEO, design, and marketing strategies – all of which are essential for building an online presence.
  • You’ll be introduced to the tools and technologies that are made specifically to help you to improve productivity and what ones that will best suit your business.
  • You’ll have the tools to build an online strategy and what you’ll need to accomplish your goals – this can include hiring a creative team, building relationships and networks online, and how to maintain audience engagement.
  • You’ll jump into the marketing aspects of analytics and creating metrics, and how to turn prospects to opportunities to sales.

Who Should Come?

You should – especially if you fall into one of these categories:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, assistants, artists and freelancers looking to generate more traffic and sales, and who want promote their products and services online.
  • Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of web technologies, social media engagement, content development, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Business owners who want to maximize their budget and resources, and communicate (and understand) with their creative, marketing and technical teams.
  • Start-up businesses that want to generate new ideas for their website.
  • Enterprising people who want to create a business presence and don’t know how (or where) to start.
  • Bloggers, writers, art directors, marketing coordinators, and project managers looking to develop a professional advantage over competitors.
  • Students and recent graduates looking for web training to leverage themselves as professionals in their industry.

In our intimate workshop, you’ll get the personal attention you need. That’s because there’s only 12 spots open in a workshop, so the questions that pertain to your niche business are guaranteed to be answered. You’ll interact with the instructor and an instructor aide one-on-one for hands-on web presence coaching, support, strategies and engagement tips unique to your business. Plus, for five days after the event, you can email any questions that may spring up to the instructor (we understand that knowledge percolates).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Are you ready to build your online presence? Check out additional details and sign up at The Building Your Web Presence workshop page.

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