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The Big Impact of Small Business

Supporting small businesses has a positive impact on jobs, innovation, small business, and money.

The Business of Small Business
It’s been awhile and lots has been happening at Actually keeping us away from blogging, but we’re back with new content on the horizon. One of the really important things we’ve been working on at Actually is staying engaged with our local community (Shoutout to Barrie, Ontario, Canada! We love you!) so a few things we’ve has been working on.

Startup Barrie

We helped establish a grassroots organization for the City of Barrie. We did this in partnership with other Local Community builders (props to Chad over at The Creative Space and Rebecca Palmer of Entrelaunch). Startup Barrie is a grassroots driven movement in Barrie, Ontario bringing together people passionate about collaboration, innovation and learning. Our mission is to get people together to support one another (in both successes and failures) as we create fantastic new opportunities, we are made up of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and intrapreneurs who work for other organizations. We made it possible with our Enterprise Builders: City of Barrie – Invest Barrie, Georgian’s Henry Bernick Entprenurship Centre, and VentureLab. So the whole point of Startup Barrie is to build a community of builders, helping one another, get to where they want to be as entrepreneurs. There’s no limits. We are an inclusive group – it’s for everyone and for Barrie. You don’t have to be in tech or healthcare, we want to know about every startup business, service or product driven.  Seriously we want to know about you! So go register your Startup today! Go! Okay, maybe that’s a bit pushy, but we’re super eager to know about you, so whenever you’re ready!

Ladies Learning Code

The Barrie Chapter is hosting workshops every month at Georgian College. Thanks to our amazing team of sponsors at Georgian College, HBEC, and the Computer Studies program. The next workshops can be found at We have a new Co-Lead too, Caitlin Jeremy, who started earlier in the year. We’re looking for sponsorship for 2017 to help us launch summer camps and continue hosting monthly workshops. If you’re interested, get in touch.

The Impact of Small Business

The intent of these Startup Organizations and programs they offer are to help the small business community, grow, prosper, find mentors, meet other entrepreneurs, either to network, share ideas, or source other professionals to help build your business.

Here’s an amazing Infographic designed by Freshbooks detailing some relevant and key facts to the big impact of small business.

The Big Impact of Small Businesses

Here’s some of the stats:

  • Jobs: No this isn’t a stat about Steve! Since 2008, small businesses have created approximately 65% of all non-government jobs.
  • Small Businesses: Make up 99.7% of all companies. Wow?!
  • Money: Small businesses pay local taxes, reducing a homeowners tax burden.
  • Innovation: On average small businesses register 16 times more patents per employee than large firms.


Supporting small businesses has a positive environmental impact. This is why we work with the Community with initiatives like Startup Barrie and Ladies Learning Code, to inspire others to make the leap, or at least, make that hobby you love into a side gig.

Did you know?

Local purchases equate to less transportation and more city/town centre development. Hello, have we mentioned Startup Barrie? Okay but seriously, this means less congestion, pollution and inhabitation. Barrie is a pretty sweet place to live, right? We’ve got beaches, hiking trails, biking trails, a beautiful waterfront to cycle, rollerblade, walk, run right in the core of the city. In the evening enjoy a vibrant downtown nightlife. By day we’re a strong supportive community, with culture and arts. And there’s easy highway access to Georgian Bay, Muskoka and Toronto. Why wouldn’t you want to start a business here?

  • Shifting 10% of sourced produce to local farms saves 31000 gallons of fuel per year, while reducing C02 by 7.3 million pounds.
  • Roughly 68% of revenue from local businesses (as opposed to 33% from national chains) is reinvested into the community.
  • So for every $100 spent at a small local business an estimate $68 returns to the community. Ahem, Startup Barrie!!


One more super duper fact for new business owners, Freshbooks makes accounting easy, fast and secure. We grew with Freshbooks, and definitely saw this happen to us in our second year at Actually. On average, FreshBooks customers double their revenue in their first 24 months. Check it out! Can’t hurt right? Free trial for 30 days. Yep, a free trial for 30 days. Try it!

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