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Designing a website or web application is not an easy process. Not only must developers and designers consider the various browsers that that the user will utilize

The value of a website and web presence is undeniable for your small to medium business. However, building a custom website can be costly, and we know that for a startup or small busine…

The one pager or single page websites are definitely the newest trend in web design. This article, by Nathan B. Weller, points out the many reasons why, including a …

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The Project Vision The vision of the Action Tire’s site redesign was to create unity with their newly designed identity. They also wanted a new updated look to their web design. So, we decided to go with the modernist retro characteristic mark of the automotive industry. The Strategic Stuff Creating an online image to target […]

Ferguson Barristers LLP Website - Portfolio Banner

The Project Vision The vision of Ferguson Barristers LLP website redesign was to create a corporate, professional and intuitive site. We wanted it to be an easy to use resource for locating Personal Injury Lawyers. We’ve also helped them with loads of other communication materials: print collateral, email newsletter templates, and Twitter UI. The Strategic […]

So you are in a programming rut. Perhaps you need a little something to get your toes a-tapping and your loops a-looping. Here are five excellent songs that will provide you with a killer soundtrack to code with.

Whenever I tell people that I’m studying Web Design and Animation, I usually get the same response – a genuine grin and an enthusiastic “cool!”. I’m not so sure that this response would be quite the same if I were in school

Importance of Timeless Design Banner

The new iphone 5c is shiny. So is the accompanying new IOS, as Apple says goodbye to Skeuomorphism and jumps on board the Flat Design express. My first impression of the new iPhone and interface was

So you may have come across the term “communication designer” before and wondered just what exactly this title means. Is it just some fancy way of saying you are a graphic designer? Although the labels are …

The Perks of Pro-Bono Work - Actually blog article image

Pro-bono work is when you contribute your professional skills in a voluntary role without payment, or perhaps a discounted rate. It’s a Latin phrase that means “for the public good”. And this type of donation is common in …

Ten Awesome Free Fonts - Actually Blog Article Banner Image

Once in awhile we search for free typography, for inspiration and to present in our creative pieces.

How to Become a Web Designer - Actually Blog Article Image

When I was a young girl I asked my dad, “Dad, what type of job makes lots of money?” He told me a dentist.

How to Create an Awesome Web Presence - Actually Blog Article Banner

Have you ever wondered what’s so awesome about your website? Ask yourself this question and jot …

Barrie Film Festival - Home Page - Porfolio Banner on iMac

The Project Vision The vision of the Barrie Film Festival project was to design a site with minimalistic details in anticipation of many design changes for each annual festival. We wanted to keep out the fluff and leave the films to do the talking, so to speak. The Strategic Stuff Creating an online image to […]