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The Project Vision The vision of the Action Tire’s site redesign was to create unity with their newly designed identity. They also wanted a new updated look to their web design. So, we decided to go with the modernist retro characteristic mark of the automotive industry. The Strategic Stuff Creating an online image to target […]

Cookstown Outlet Mall - Tax Free Campaign - Back of Magazine

The vision of the Cookstown Outlet Mall project was to design marketing collateral to showcase the retailers merchandise while incorporating branding guidelines. The Strategic Stuff We focused on a harmonious design tone that’s clean and modern. We used a cool colour palette to create contrast against the warmth of the model. The model is outfitted […]

gShiftLabs Website - iMac Screenshot

The Project Vision The vision of the gShiftLabs project was to redesign a website, making it friendly, fun, neighbourly and intuitive. We also wanted it to have great SEO web presence by maximizing opportunities for dynamic content.  We also helped them with loads of other communication materials: sales sheets, trade showbooths, online banner ads, e-books, […]

Whenever I tell people that I’m studying Web Design and Animation, I usually get the same response – a genuine grin and an enthusiastic “cool!”. I’m not so sure that this response would be quite the same if I were in school

learn to code banner-actually blog article banner image

The start of September always inspires me to want to learn a new skill or further develop my existing skill set. I’ll chalk it up to that “back to school” feeling that you never quite grow out of. If, like me, you are feeling that September itch to learn …

What is Information Architecture - Actually blog article Image

Are you thinking about designing a website and maybe wondering how to layout the information on your website? First it’s best to start by planning, outlining and defining the information you want to …

Looking for some assistance to manage the chaotic workflow? I’ve outlined some of the newest cool web applications out there to help simplify your business from surveys, landing pages …

Green textured background with white copy and drop shadow reading Great Web Designer Tools in Communication Design Banner for blog article

I’ve compiled a list of the online tools I use for web design and development that’ll be great resources for any designer – everything you’ll need to create a lovely web design or digital …

Great Google Web Fonts to Download - Blog Article Banner

I’ve prepared a list of stellar Google Web Fonts to Download, and there’s hundreds of free, open source fonts to choose from that have all been optimized for the web. The way Google Web Fonts works …

How the Social Web Helps You Become an Expert

You know you’re an expert. The people you speak with about your industry know you’re an expert. But how about the rest of the world?

10 Examples of Beautiful Website Designs - Actually Blog Article Image

We love the web. We love it so much we’ve put together a list of 10 examples of beautiful website designs to inspire, excite, and egg …

How to Create an Awesome Web Presence - Actually Blog Article Banner

Have you ever wondered what’s so awesome about your website? Ask yourself this question and jot …

5 Popular Content Types That Drive Traffic To Your Site

Think of the web as a popularity contest. But to become the virtual prom queen, you’ve got …

Transitioned to Hired Logo

The Project Vision The vision of Paul Hill’s online presence project was to use the book cover as a consistent theme across all collateral, especially the website. And we did that because the cover is simply awesome. The Strategic Stuff The use of  the The Panic Free Job Search book cover to be consistent across […]

ventureLAB - iMac Website Banner

The Project Vision The vision of the ventureLAB web design project was to create a site that’s up-to-the-minute with technology trends. We wanted the design to be a forward and a direct informational resource for mentoring, partnering and networking, while creating a sense of an innovative online community to the audience. The Strategic Stuff To […]

Great Canadian Beaver Race and Festival - Actually Porfolio Banner iMac

The Project Vision The vision of the Great Canadian Beaver Race and Festival was to design a fun, charming site to illustrate the entertainment aspect of the festival, while offering resourceful information. We also helped out with some print materials to catch the attention of potential sponsors. The Strategic Stuff Creating an online image to […]

King Edward Choir - Website - iMac Porfolio Banner

The Project Vision The vision of King Edward Choir’s site redesign was to strengthen their online presence and give a chic theme that would phase well into another choir season. We incorporated an artistic and elegant theme with polished typography. We’ve also designed their posters, postcards and newspaper advertisements for the 2010-2011 and the 2011-2012 […]