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A Good Looking And Functional Website

Your website is often the first place a prospective client visits to “get to know you”, and as we all know, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Sure …

During my work placement at Actually, I was given the task of designing an infographic to educate the importance of communication design. The infographic details …

We’ve traded the smell of freshly cut paper, for a megabyte of space on an eReader, opening a whole new way in which we inter…

Barrie Colts - 2010 - 2011 Game Schedule - Cover

The Project Vision The vision of the Barrie Colts design project was to design a Program Schedule and Pocket Schedule for the 2010-2011 season. The Strategic Stuff Showcasing three Barrie Colts players on the cover while applying the Barrie Colts identity colour palette throughout the layout to create a harmonized eye-flow.  

Horsepower Sports Bar & BBQ Grill - Logo

The Project Vision The vision of the Horsepower Sports Bar & BBQ Grill project was to design a logo that represents, hockey, golf, and racing. We also designed a full restaurant menu plus one for special events. The Strategic Stuff To reflect the identify of the sports bar using a speedometer, hockey stick, golf ball, […]

The Project Vision The vision of the Action Tire’s site redesign was to create unity with their newly designed identity. They also wanted a new updated look to their web design. So, we decided to go with the modernist retro characteristic mark of the automotive industry. The Strategic Stuff Creating an online image to target […]

gShiftLabs Website - iMac Screenshot

The Project Vision The vision of the gShiftLabs project was to redesign a website, making it friendly, fun, neighbourly and intuitive. We also wanted it to have great SEO web presence by maximizing opportunities for dynamic content.  We also helped them with loads of other communication materials: sales sheets, trade showbooths, online banner ads, e-books, […]

Ferguson Barristers LLP Website - Portfolio Banner

The Project Vision The vision of Ferguson Barristers LLP website redesign was to create a corporate, professional and intuitive site. We wanted it to be an easy to use resource for locating Personal Injury Lawyers. We’ve also helped them with loads of other communication materials: print collateral, email newsletter templates, and Twitter UI. The Strategic […]

Whenever I tell people that I’m studying Web Design and Animation, I usually get the same response – a genuine grin and an enthusiastic “cool!”. I’m not so sure that this response would be quite the same if I were in school

Importance of Timeless Design Banner

The new iphone 5c is shiny. So is the accompanying new IOS, as Apple says goodbye to Skeuomorphism and jumps on board the Flat Design express. My first impression of the new iPhone and interface was

Hot Spots for Design Inspiration - Actually blog article banner image

Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt to get your creative juices flowing – don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few hot spots for design inspiration. Pinterest is awesome?!! Yes! It sure is! Pinned full of …

How To Make Extra Money as a Graphic Designer - Actually blog article banner image

Being employed 9-5 isn’t the end all to your income as a graphic designer. In fact, once you take a chance you’ll see how easy it is to earn an income outside of your …

How to Find a Job in the Graphic Design Industry in black copy on pink background with drop shadow. Part one in pink copy on black corner banner.

When I graduated from college no one gave me instructions on how to find a job. And I soon found out there wasn’t a step-by-step instruction list of how to …

Last week we posted five tips to consider for a website redesign in part one of this article. There’s some doozies listed in the next five tips to consider for a website redesign. Check em …

RGD Future By Design: The Evolving Visual Landscape 2013

This past Tuesday I volunteered to assist the Barrie screening for the RGD Ontario Webcast Future By Design: The Evolving Visual Landscape presentation.

Last week in Part One of How to Freelance Design Services, I discussed advantages and disadvantages of the ideal client, projects, and money matters relating to …

How to Freelance Design Services - Actually Blog Article Image

A freelancer is defined as a worker who is self-employed and not committed to any particular work, project or employer for a long period of time. This is a dream for most, because you can …