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Ladies Learning Code - Barrie Chapter Press Release

Barrie, ON – Ladies Learning Code (LLC), the Toronto-based not-for-profit organization is focused

learn to code banner-actually blog article banner image

The start of September always inspires me to want to learn a new skill or further develop my existing skill set. I’ll chalk it up to that “back to school” feeling that you never quite grow out of. If, like me, you are feeling that September itch to learn …

Zen and The Art of Coding - Actually banner blog article

The ability to code is quickly becoming a valuable skill to possess. As Heather Payne (2013), the founder of Ladies Learning Code explains “Today, technology is for everyone, and everyone can benefit from having the …

What is QR Advertising?

What’s with those funky looking squares I keep seeing on posters and ads in magazines? What do they do and am I supposed to do with them?