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Steps to Take Before Publishing a Blog Post

Just because you finished writing it, it doesn’t mean your post is ready to make its public debut. Follow these steps before publishing a blog post.

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Add the title of writer to your resume! Being involved in the social web means you have to edu-macate the rest of the world in your area of expertise. The best place to do this is on your blog. It’s your hub, your HQ, the place you want your customers to visit on a regular basis. But before it goes live, there are a few important steps you need to take before publishing a blog post.

1. Let it sit

After I write a post or an article, I let it sit for a couple of hours (or a day, if I have time). It’s like looking at it with fresh eyes. At the time I’m writing the piece, it looks perfect in my mind, and then on the screen. But I always miss something – a typo, a comma, a sentence that runs on too long. If I’m rushed to publish a post, I will miss something big (which becomes glaringly obvious when I revisit the post a few days later). Plan to write your posts at least a day or two before you publish it.

2. Write with your readers in mind.

This one can be a hard concept to swallow. I know what I’m talking about, therefore everyone else will too. Yeah, not so much. Now, I write with my audience in mind. These are the people who may be new to social media or just want a few handy tips to add to their SM arsenal. Break down complicated thoughts into easily digestible pieces. Make it funny and interesting. And save those big $10 words to impress your boss – they have no place in your post. Why say resplendent when you can use brilliant? No one else knows what the hell you’re talking about and you’re likely to lose your audience (smarty pants).

3. Beginnings and Endings

How do you start your post? Does it go out with a bang? With the opening of your post, the challenge is to hook the reader. You want them to read the rest of your brilliant post, so suck them in right from the start. As well, a closing is just as important. You want to stimulate conversation on your blog, so ask your readers a question. You need to tell your readers want you want them to do, otherwise they will wander off. “Read more about this fascinating subject by clicking here.”“ What do you think about so-and-so?” “Leave a comment below.”

4. Read it out loud

I don’t care if there’s someone sitting next to you. Read your post out loud. Just because it reads well on paper doesn’t mean it’ll make sense in everyday talk. You may have missed something during your original edit. It may be too long and you have to chop a paragraph out. It doesn’t matter that people think you’re a little touched in the head because you’re talking to yourself. Trust me – a great blog post with worth the concerned glances from co-workers.
Do you have any routines you undertake before publishing your post? I’d love to hear them! In fact, I may implement them to my blog publishing practices… and pass them off as my own (insert evil laugh here). Leave all your informative nuggets in the comments section below.

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