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Project Blueprints

Blueprint Projects are built from strong, trusting and open business relationships.

Working with Actually means a collaborative relationship to build trust, communication, value, and connection, to provide you with a stellar strategic blueprint for your project.

We’re all about connecting businesses with their markets at Actually. But first, to do that, we have to connect with you, the business owners, the CEO’s, the Marketing Directors, and all the project team players in the company. We’re focused on building relationships with everyone on your team.

Our goal isn’t to persuade you into doing things our way – our goal is to Actually guide you through a process, and develop a plan that’s right for you, which essentially means the right way for you and your business then communicate your message to your market. We promise open communication, trust, value connection, and a strong work ethic.

Benefits of a Project Blueprint


We like to be open and transparent – we’re keen on open communication. We’re genuine people who want to genuinely build you the best communication services offered in today’s industry. In order for us to do this, we believe a collaborative environment is the successor. Simply because we both have the opportunity to ask questions, offering opinions, suggestions and solutions. By working in a collaborative environment we can address loads of questions with nothing remaining a mystery. And we’ll invite you to ask us questions too. Why? Because asking questions gets us talking to determine what’s best for you and your business in an open collaborative process building trust.


When we trust each other we can be comfortable and communicate effectively. Listening is key for us to understand your communication needs. This allows us to get down to business and figure out the best tools to get your message out to your market. Plus we want you to understand your Communication Design like we do – we want to help you take your company to places you dream of. When you grow, we grow. Communication will get us there.


Trust and communication helps us to respect and see value in business service offerings. We’re in the business of growing our business just like yours. In order for us to do that, we charge fees that place value on our work. Just like your product or service has value, so does ours.


No matter which way you look at it everything is about relationships, especially in business. We strive for strong connections so we will be a solid partner in your business. To accomplish this we want you to feel comfortable working together and know how important the success of your business means to us. We want you to be confident and self assured, knowing you’ve made the right connection to partner with.

Benefits of a Project Blueprint from a Client’s Perspective

  • You see how we work
  • You get an outline of research and recommendations.
  • You reduce risk – you no longer have to make a decision, or commit to a whole project from
    one company.
  • Allows you to plan out phases in steps, which in turn helps your budget and workload.
  • It gets you participating in the collaboration process and gives you a plan that’s best for you.
  • There’s no limits! Proposals allow for limited ideas.

Benefits of a Project Blueprint from Our Perspective

  • Valued for our work, knowledge and experience (we become a trusted advisor).
  • It’s a great introduction to a working relationships (we’ll see how great it is to work together).
  • Be become a trusted authority and partner during the Blueprint Process.
  • It can prevent many surprises in project development.

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