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Are you in need of technology, design, or marketing consulting?

Are you in need of one-on-one consulting for your business? We offer individual consulting or group sessions to help you and your business to get the information you seek.

We empower, encourage and educate people who want to know more about technology, design, marketing for businesses and individuals seeking communication design consulting.

Are you looking to:

  • Build social media channels for your company?
  • Understand website design & development to talk with the tech or the marketing department at your company?
  • Manage your WordPress website to make changes and updates like uploading images, copy, links, plugins, PDF downloads,  and just need to know how to get started?
  • Send email campaigns with software like MailChimp and Constant Contact but don’t know where to start?
  • Purchase advertisements on the Internet (Facebook, Google AdWords, banner ads) or buy ads in print magazines and newspapers?

Our consulting will help you learn anything you want to do with technology, marketing, design, graphics, code, email marketing and social media. We’ll apply them in real-life situations that are unique to your business, to help you get started today.

We’re believers in collaborative work sessions, to bring people together to build ideas to shape and plan projects and strategies to initiate business goals with design, communication, marketing, code and tech.

Our consultants are experienced professionals who understand the value of technology, communication, design and marketing and how important they are as a business tool. We want to share our resources and knowledge with you so you can execute ideas for your business, to grow, succeed, and prosper.

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It doesn’t matter what your technical abilities are. We’re here to help you learn so you can maximize your professional and business potential. We encourage you to push through limitations and barriers regardless of your technical skills. We’re here to help.

Our consulting packages are ideal for businesses that want to learn more about tech, design, communications and marketing.

Consulting sessions are ideal for:

  • Small business owners interested tips and suggestions in managing their social media channels and website.
  • Virtual Assistants, Executive Administrators, and/or Administrative Personnel seeking information on tips to manage corporate websites, social channels and email campaigns.
  • Photographers, fine artists, graphic artists, and any other type of creative media artists who want insight on how expand their skillset.
  • Bloggers, writers, art directors, marketing coordinators, and project managers looking for strategy to develop a professional advantage over competitors.
  • Students and recent graduates wanting tech mentoring to leverage themselves as professionals in their industry.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who prefer individual learning consulting sessions.
  • Managers looking to train a staff or team of people.

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We customize our consulting sessions to suit your needs. Because we know you’re unique, we customize all of our consulting packages based on your tech and communication design knowledge. Our consulting sessions start with just one discovery meeting to get you started.

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