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Startup Barrie

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Startup Barrie

Startup Barrie is powered by Startup Canada, and we’re entrepreneurs working together to build an environment and culture for entrepreneurial growth and success across Canada.

The Strategic Stuff

  • We designed and wrote copy for the website
  • Designed networking events and volunteer recruitment posters
  • We manage and maintain the Startup Barrie Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • We developed copy to build rapport with our community based on four NLP learning predicates (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, auditory digital) for the 2018 Kickoff Party round talks and survey to create a survey for open and meaningful communication

And there’s more…

  • Check out the website for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Contact us for an invite to the Startup Barrie Slack Channel
  • Register to volunteer with Startup Barrie with TandemPark engagement software for volunteers