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Our Top 5 Social Media Pet Peeves

Looking to run your business into the ground? If you do any of the following social media pet peeves, chances are you’re on your way to closing up shop.

Our Top Social Media Pet Peeves
We love being in the social media sphere and do everything we can to abide by an unofficial best practices list. But nothing makes us grumpier then people who use it the wrong way. And yes, there are many ways you can fail using social media.

After being active in social media for quite some time now, we’re put together a list of our top social media pet peeves. Go through it and see if you’re guilty of annoying your friends and followers.

  1. Buy this now! You know, you should really buy this. Have we mentioned that you should really buy this? This kind of social media updating is the equivalent of spam. Granted, you may not be selling us magic penis lengthening pills, but it’s just as much of a turn off. Selling your product/service using social media is great, but it shouldn’t be all that you do.
  2. Way too personal. Nobody, with the exception of your doctor, has any business knowing your bathroom habits. So leave these types of updates off your social media accounts and save them for your next checkup.
  3. People who update their status constantly. Don’t you have a job? We’re sick of people filling up our wall with updates or tweets. Give it a rest. Once or twice a day is plenty – not once or twice every couple of minutes. Keep that habit up and your followers will start dropping like klutzes on a freshly polished floor littered with banana peels.
  4. Lack of Variety: Do you talk about the same old, same old day in and day out? Don’t be a one-trick pony. Your blog needs to focus on a wide variety of relevant industry topics.  And while you’re at it, switch up the style of posts you’ve been focusing on – there are plenty of other forms of content you can use to add freshness.  Things like infographics, webinars and video tutorials really break up the boring.
  5. Infrequent Blogging: You get really into a blog or status update, and then bam – it’s all quiet on the western front. You can actually see the tumble weeds rolling across the computer screen. If your last blog post was in 2009, people think you’re no longer in business or you’re not an expert. They’ll be on moving on to the next site in a hurry.

What are your top social media pet peeves? Have you ever been so turned off by a business or individual’s social media marketing that you were embarrassed for them? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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