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Mac vs. Pc

The epic battle continues...

Remember those Mac vs PC commercials? The one where the Mac guy is the epitome of cool self-possession and the PC guy is seriously uptight and a little bit on the lame side? Of course you do! And we all know you’ll always refer to Justin Long as “that Mac guy” no matter how many romantic comedies he stars in. Truth be told, both platforms seem to attract a certain type of person. Hard core development types tend to gravitate towards a PC, while those who are more on the creative side are typically die hard Mac fans. And so, the epic battle continues. But which machine is really better than the other? Or is either one better?


Holy moly! Macs are expensive little fellas aren’t they? When comparing price, it’s no contest with PCs coming in as far more inexpensive than their Mac counterparts. An entry level laptop of the PC variety can cost as little as $229, while you are looking at close to $1000 for an entry level MacBook.
Winner: PC


In our fast paced world, speed is essential. We need to be able to get things done and get them done quickly. So how do the two platforms compare in terms of speed? In a comparison study done by Popular Mechanics, it seems that the Mac is a little quicker than the PC. For example, the average start-up time for the Mac was 28.7 seconds while the PC took 1 min 13 seconds in comparison.
Winner: Mac … but don’t worry PC – it was close!


The Mac used to be considered immune to malware and other computer virus attacks. This may not be the whole story, however. Although, as noted by, Macs can’t get PC viruses, they can be affected by Mac viruses. That’s right, even the perpetually cool Mac can be compromised.
Winner: Neither… computer viruses are apparently the great equalizer!

Cool Factor

Perhaps this is a questionable category of comparison, but when it comes to cool, Mac certainly has the PC beat. In fact, according to PC and Tech Authority, the “bad” guys (or gals) in movies are almost always shown using a PC, while heroic characters almost always use a Mac. I’m not sure that a person’s moral fortitude can be judged solely on the basis of the computer they use, but you never know…
Winner: Mac

So which side are you on? Are you a diehard Mac person or is PC your cup of tea? Weigh in on this contentious issue and let us know which computing device you prefer! Leave your comments below.



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