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Is Facebook Getting You Hired?

How to make sure your profile reflects your good side

Facebook has become so commonplace that many people forget what they are even posting on the social network. We go to Facebook to post our everyday thoughts, opinions, experiences and pictures as well. What we often forget is that even though our family and friends may get a kick out of reading how bothered we are about a topic, event or issue, potential employers may not see it the same way. This is especially important if you are planning on, or are in the middle of job hunting.

What is Your Potential Boss Seeing?

If the thought of what they may see makes you cringe then chances are that they will be cringing too. There are ways to prevent your potential future boss from seeing your profile but Facebook is also a really fantastic way to promote yourself in the best way possible. If everything is blocked from them, chances are they know that your profile probably isn’t that neat or professional and might have something to hide.

Using Facebook as an Extension of Your Resume (or any social media channels)

Facebook can be really great to showcase yourself in the best light possible. Doing this doesn’t mean that you can’t post personal pictures, but it does mean being mindful what pictures you do post, and of course, what you say, because once it’s out there it is hard to take back.

Make sure that everything has to be approved by you before it goes on your timeline, to do this you have to adjust your privacy settings. This ensures you only have appropriate pictures posted to your profile. Try to refrain from ranting your opinions on Facebook – it doesn’t make you look like a positive, happy person, if all your status updates are angry or spiteful in nature. Instead Facebook can be used to post very interesting articles and insights about topics you are passionate about. If an employer sees that you are happy and posting interesting news chances are they will determine that you are sharing meaningful and  and happy content

In recent news a young lady on Twitter proved exactly how much social media is monitored by tweeting her way to getting fired – before her first day! Now she is famous worldwide for her poor work ethic, and lack of respect to her almost job at a pizza parlor where the owner fired her over Twitter. Check out the CBC article.

To ensure that you are being noticed in a positive way by potential employers take down inappropriate pictures, delete negative or ranting statuses and posting some interesting articles or insights relevant to things you are passionate about or the industry you work in.

What are your experiences with Facebook and getting hired? Leave your comments below. We’d love to hear them!

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