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Iconic Identities – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

CBC is Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster

  1. So… that “Butterfly” CBC logo is over THREE HUNDRED YEARS OLD?!?!
    Take a look at your caption immediately below the butterfly on your “actuallywecreate” site.
    It says “CBC logo used during 1699-1974”.
    Really. Sixteen ninety nine… to nineteen seventy four. Born shortly after the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 in Britain!!
    Subtracting 1699 from 2014, I get a time span of 315 years!! I know the CBC gets teased for being a bit of a fossil occasionally, but THAT is ridiculous!
    Was nobody proofing that page before it got posted?


  2. P.S.
    Having known several people who worked for the CBC during 70s and 80s, I have more than once heard their most recent iterations of the “radiating” logo design referred to as “the exploding pizza”. It seemed to be a CBC inside joke.
    Any follow-up ever heard on that?


  3. Employees of the Mother Corp had two other definitions for the logo:
    1 – the exploding donut
    2 – the underwater fart


  4. Maybe has some mathematician friends. His logo closely resembles the graphical representation of the mathematical equation for the absolute value of the fractional of a complex number : |frac(z)|

    See for the graphic.


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