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Iconic Identities – Expo ‘67

Expo ‘67 is a World’s Fair held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the Centennial year of 1967.

  1. Actually, it should be an apostrophe: Expo ’67!


  2. The Expo 67 logo may be the most successful world’s fair logo of all time. It was ubiquitous in Canada and the States in the years just prior to the exposition and throughout 1967. It appeared in magazine and newspaper advertisements, on every imaginable souvenir item, post cards, stamps, clothing items, hats, state and provincial tourist information, banners and flags and even on the Quebec license plate. That logo had a magnetism all its own. It helped to market Expo all over the continent. It must have helped because Expo attracted nearly 51 million visitors in just six months at a time when Canada had a population of about 20 million. Incredible.


  3. I do believe it’s more than a pictogram of a human, it’s from the runes of the Elder Futhark (Norse writing of a sort) and represented life in general as well as humans. It’s called Algiz.


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