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How Twitter Helps Your Business

As it turns out, Twitter is good for business. We’ve put together some reasons why you’ll want to use this Social Media forum to drive customers to your site.

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140 characters – “Seriously, what can I really say with that little space?,” you may scoff. But think again… you can get your point across in a short and sweet message that hits your target audience right in the kisser.

It’s not just for teens with poor grammar and spelling habits (OMG ru 4 real?). Twitter is an amazing tool that blasts your message out to dedicated followers and attracts new customers to your business. Let’s go over a few ways you can use Twitter to promote you business.

This Just In – Breaking News

You’ve got something exciting to share and you just can’t hold it in. Get on Twitter and tell peeps about it! If you’ve got a kick-ass sale or promotion, breaking news or a special offer that is time sensitive, there’s no better way to get the news out than by using Twitter. You’re at an event and giving away free samples? You’d better believe that putting it on Twitter will cause a stampede to your location. Twitter is better than the 6 o’clock news – you can be the “this just in” announcement any time you want.

Customer Service

Are your customers having issues with your product or service? You can augment your traditional customer service options with Twitter. Let your customers know that if they have any questions or concerns, you’d be happy to help them out using Twitter. These customers may not use the @mention, so be sure to search for your name to see if there are Twitterers out there asking for your help.

New Blog Posts

You’ve written a new blog post (good for you!) and you want to drive people to your site. Get on Twitter to tell people about it. For the Tweet, you’ll need to add a short teaser, a call to action and a shortened link ( is a great place to shorten links and once you set up an account for free, you can track stats). One of the goals with social media is to get as many people to your main site is possible and Twitter lets you do just that in short bursts. Handy Tip: See what hash tags are trending and if possible, add them in your tweet. But only add them if they are relevant, otherwise you’re going to piss some Twitterers off and they’ll never visit your site again.

Find New Customers

Twitter is full of people who don’t know they need your product or service… yet. But there’s hope – you can find them and let them know! That’s pretty sweet. Check out your competition to see who is following them, and then follow those people. Sure, they won’t all follow you back, but some of them will. This is an ongoing process, so set some time aside every week to this practice.

Do you use Twitter to help promote and sell your business? Have you been putting it off or making excuses? Or are you using it to drive and attract business? We’d love to hear all about it – be sure to leave a comment below!

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