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How To Write A Kick-Ass Blog Post

Sure, we make blog writing look easy – but it can be tough. Let us show you how to write a kick-ass blog post.

Hey, we know it’s not easy sitting down and writing a blog post. There’s a lot of pressure – coming up with a topic, crafting a stellar headline, adding compelling content and getting others to read it via social media networks. It’s enough to make you run around in circles before assuming the fetal position under your desk. We’ve been there (more than once). That’s why we want to show you how to write a kick-ass blog post, without the dramatic meltdown.

We spend a lot of time coming up with awesome ideas on a weekly basis, so we want to pass on our wisdom to you. We’re good like that. Here are a few tips to get you out of your blog-induced writer’s coma:

  1. What’s the topic? This is the easy part – come up with a list of things you know about/want to talk about/are passionate about. Consider this an ongoing list you can add to over time. It can be a mix of business and pleasure. You can also use common questions/concerns you’re often asked about your business or area of expertise. What do you customers need help with? Jot everything down – these ideas are all gold blog posts.
  2. Post outline. A kick-ass blog post doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. You’ve got to outline what your post is going to cover. These can be point-form notes jotted down on a bar napkin. The idea is to break out all of the important points you want that particular post to touch on. You can rearrange the points to ensure that the post flows and makes sense.
  3. Watch that post fill out. Okay, you’ve got the important points all sorted out. Now, it’s time to fill in the blank spots in between them. Fill it out with your thoughts, survey numbers, quotes… anything that’s relevant to the post in question. Get all of your ideas down on paper, don’t try to censor yourself. It may look like a big heap of information when you’re finished, but we’ll get to that with our next step.
  4. Trimming the fat. It’s time to edit. This is the part we find difficult, because we think that every thought we put down is pure genius. But it needs to be cut down, even with our work. Read it out loud and you’ll notice what sounds off or awkward. Does it sound right to you? Read it to a friend and ask what they think should stay or go. Leave it for a day and edit first thing in the morning with fresh eyes.
  5. Adding pictures. A picture says a thousand words. Putting an image in your post breaks up the copy and gives the reader a visual of what you’re trying to convey. It also draws people in to click through and read more. Plus, it’s good for SEO.

Do you have problems writing blog posts? What do you like to do to make sure your blog posts turn out kick ass? Leave us your tips in the comment section below.

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