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How to Schedule Time for Business Development

Scheduling time for yourself can be hard, especially when you have an endless to-do list. Here’s how you can slot some time in for you and your business development.

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What’s business development you ask? It’s when you take the time to develop and implement growth strategies while building relationships through management and marketing initiatives. Here’s some super easy strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Understand the Time Is Now

In order for you to schedule time to build your business, you have to know that the time is now. There is no “best time”. God isn’t going to shine down a ray of light on you and announce, “It is time Jane. Go forth now and build your business in the next 7 days!” If you have 5 minutes right now and you know that you need to work on your public speaking skills, get in front of a mirror and practice, or ask your partner to listen and watch your slide share for the presentation you’ll be giving this week.

Focus on You First

You know your email inbox? The one that you check every morning and insistently throughout the day? Well that email inbox is full of people asking you to fulfill their needs. Take care of what matters to you first, because you are the most important person in your life. Now that you know this it’s wise to spend the majority of your waking hours focused on you, not others. Are your waking hours focusing on other people? Instead of replying to everyone’s needs in the morning, spend your morning defining goals, prepare a task lists to accomplish and get completing it!

Tackle the Biggest Task First

It’s hard to climb a mountain. You have to start at the bottom and you never really know what you’ll get into as you climb to the top. There might be unexpected weather, terrain you’ve never covered, animals, bugs and then exhaustion from enduring it all. People tend to circle the bottom of the mountain talking about how hard it’s gonna be to get to the top, devoting all this energy in discussing the difficulties. My suggestion to to cut out the pre-mountain babble and start climbing. Climb the mountain and once you get to the top, talk about all the difficulties at the end. Chances are once you get to the top you won’t want to discuss anything but your triumph anyways because you’ll be so pumped, thinking about the next mountain to climb. The moral of the story – everyday tackle your biggest task first.

Ask Questions

If you don’t know how to do something, start thinking of how you can find the answer. The best way to find an answer is to ask someone who knows. There’s so many people out there who have the answers you seek and they won’t ever know you’re on the hunt until you ask. So ask away! Everyone wants to help their pals out.

Attend Social Events, Workshops and Trade Shows

That’s right! Get out there! Things will start to happen organically if you get out there by showing your face and letting others know you’re interested in them. Don’t worry so much about knowing people in the room because there’s always one or two people who will come and introduce themselves if you’re open to it.

Talk to Everyone

Not only should you start attending social events, workshops and tradeshows, you should start talking to the people waiting in line with you at Starbucks, the grocery store or walking past you on a street. Waiting in the elevator with someone? Make some small talk – ask them what floor they’re headed to or if they had a hard time finding parking. Then introduce yourself, hand em a card and be sure to let them know about your business.

Tell us how you schedule time for business development. Leave your comments below!

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