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How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Blog

Pinterest is much more than just pretty pictures. Learn how to make it work for your blog or business.

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Pinterest is so pretty and interesting. It’s easy to get stuck on there for hours just looking at all the cuteness, the yumminess and all the things we covet. This women-centric social media site is a feast for the eyes and it’s helping blogs and businesses worldwide attract new readers and customers with, you guessed it, pretty pictures.

But smart bloggers know that Pinterest is more than just pretty pictures. We’ve put together some tips that will get your boards noticed and have users repining and liking pictures to their boards (so all of their followers can oooh and ahhh over them).

  1. SEO isn’t just for your blog posts – it’s also for your Pinterest pictures. Pinterest allows you to write a brief description or caption for your picture. Use this space to use some of the keywords you’ve researched. Make your pins as searchable as possible by making them easy to find.
  2. Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter. Throw a few at your pins. Hashtags provide a pin with a subject matter heading, which helps your pins get found. Get specific and use hashtags like #yogapants, #applepierecipes and #weddingflowerarrangements.
  3.  Make your posts and pictures easy to pin. You want the readers on your blog to be able to easily pin these items to their Pinterest boards, so put icons and buttons on every single post and page.
  4. Share some Pinterest love. If other bloggers you follow and like are on Pinterest, be sure to share their posts using this social media site. And you can embed some backlinks to help you generate traffic, so add the URL into the pin before you share it.
  5. Share your pins on other social media websites. Link your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter and maximize your audience. The more sets of peepers that see your fabulous pins, the most likely they are to be picked up and shared with a whole new audience. And if you see pins you like show up on other social media feeds, be sure to like them and pass them along.

So what’s your Pinterest strategy? Do you have one? Using these tips above, which one can you see yourself doing immediately? We want to know, so leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.

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