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How to Find Your Blogging Voice

Tips and tricks that will make sure your blog is as interesting as you are!

How to find your blogging voice
What’s a blogging voice you may ask? Well essentially I’m talking about finding your personality through writing online for blogs, which is something that I personally know is not always an easy task for everyone.

We have been talking since our toddler days and have developed personalities and commonalities within our daily speech, but somehow when it comes to writing down thoughts or opinions on paper we often become very formal, impersonal and a bit shy about voicing our opinions on an open forum aka The Internet. If you are passionate or knowledgeable about any topic it’s important to share with the world because your opinion and thoughts are valuable and need to be heard!

So this means that anyone can contribute valuable content on the Internet as a blog writer. I’m new to the blogging world, and have been writing for a couple of months now, and figured out a few tips and tricks to help you find your voice – it’s how I found mine.

1.Write as if you were talking to someone face to face – like a conversation! This goes back to what I said about talking since we were toddlers – so now just type as you talk.

2.Read other blogs. It’s often easier to identify what we like in another person’s work and then imitate in our own way until you get a sense for how blogs sound.

3.Continue to write whenever you have free time. This might not mean publishing them on a blog, but sit down and type out whatever you are thinking of anyway. Blogging takes practice, and it’s easier to go back later and make it sound better than to always trying to write new content on the fly.

4.Fuel your imagination. Whether it’s listening to music or writing while you are sitting outside, the best work often comes when you haven’t confined yourself to one space or pressuring yourself to do it.

5.Read it back out loud to yourself. If it feels unnatural then chances are it’s not your natural blogging voice. Reading out loud can help you figure out your natural blogging voice.

When it comes to finding your blog voice don’t make blogging a chore, have fun with it! Share your tips or how you found your blogging voice in the comment section below.

About The Blogger
Morgan is an energetic and happy person, she loves taking on challenges and being active. Morgan works in Digital Marketing, and is a life-learner with studies at Georgian College in Barrie. In her spare time she loves going on hikes, gardening and doing DIY projects. Follow Morgan on Twitter. @mtgaudet5 on Twitter.

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