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How to Create Really Great Online Experiences for your Customers

A great online experience ensures that people will make your site a must-visit every time they hop onto the Internet. We’ve got some tips that will have them coming back for more.

How to Create Really Great Online Experiences For Your Customers
Sometimes we can get lost in all the wheeling and dealing required to run a successful business. It’s easy to forget about how our customers interact and enjoy the online experience we need to create for them. Do you make them feel special? Wanted? Needed? Loved? If you’re not, chances are they’re sneaking around with a competitor behind your back! Not to worry – we’ve got some tips on how you can win them back with a really great online experience.

How May I Help You?

Using your website and social media accounts to respond to customer service requests is a fabulous way to ensure your web peeps get a great experience. Users take to the web to voice concerns, voice complaints and ask questions. And by monitoring what these people are saying about your product or service and responding to them works in your favour in a few ways:

  1. You get to help out a customer, which gives you a warm feeling inside.
  2. Your customer feels validated and is impressed that you’re not just another faceless corporation out to take his/her money. This means the customer will keep coming back to you and will tell others just how awesome you are.
  3. Other people can see that you care about your customers and will be more likely to use your products/services when the time arises.
  4. Gives you a chance to see what others are saying about you and gives you the opportunity to swoop in for some solid reputation management.

Get Your Peeps Involved

Everyone feels like they want to belong. And you can give your customers a big ol’ virtual hug by making them a part of your website and social media campaigns. Use customer questions or ideas as blog posts or polling questions, and attribute it back to the source (the customer). It makes people feel important when their suggestions or comments make a difference and they are acknowledged. These customers will be more likely to share this content with their friends, as they’ve been mentioned. Plus, it’s a great way to come up with fresh content you may not have thought of on your own (which comes in handy on a Monday morning before you’ve finished you coffee).

And The Winner is…

Who doesn’t like to win stuff? People will flock in droves for a chance to win a freebee. And what better place to give away your stuff than on your website or by using social media? The fan-freaking-tastic thing about give-aways is that not only do your existing customers participate in the contest, but they can help spread the word. And the more often you have them, the more people will flock to your site. Be sure to praise the lucky winner on your blog and through your social media accounts, along with a detailed description and pictures of the jackpot.

What have you done to enrich the user experience on your web and social media sites? Do you have any addition ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them – leave your comments below!

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