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How to Become a Hootsuite Pro

5 Tips on Using Hootsuite to Add Efficiency to Your Social Media Tasks

Starting off in social media can be very intimidating, confusing and time consuming, but there are programs that are available to help create efficiency and productivity for you. Hootsuite is a program developed to schedule social media messages on specific days, at specific times, instead of constantly having to post manually across multiple networks. Even with such an efficient platform there are tips to make Hootsuite work best for you in the long run, adding efficiency to your social media campaigns.

1. Using the Bulk Scheduler Feature
This feature has proved to be useful in scheduling a ton of posts in a short amount of time. Instead of spending a couple hours clicking on each day, typing a unique message and then hitting schedule (or auto-schedule), you will instead, be able to upload an Excel spreadsheet file to Hootsuite where it reads all the data and schedules your messaging on the appropriate day.

2. Pinning your Default Network
This feature allows you to choose the frequently used channels to make sure when you are uploading posts your default channel is always picked instead of having to search for it. This is great a time saver when working with multiple channels, especially for various clients.

3. Use the Drag and Drop Function when Uploading Attachments
This function saves a lot of time searching through documents because it allows you to grab the document/attachment that you are looking for with a simple drag and drop into the Hootsuite messaging bar for a quick attachment in posts.

4. Create Templates for Regular Messages
If you find yourself frequently using the same message, save it as a template! This ensures the next time you use that messaging you’ll be able to quickly find it as a templates instead of typing out 140 characters again.

5. Test Out All the Features
Don’t be scared to test out a feature of Hootsuite, because it’s a great ways to learn how to do things faster and efficiently. Anything you do in Hootsuite can easily be undone if you aren’t happy with the way it turned out.

By using some (or all) of these tips you can add efficiency when building your social media presence. And then maybe you can take all that extra time and put it towards learning more about Hootsuite!? Share your tips below.

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