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Holiday Treats Your Clients Will Love

Nothing says thank you more than some delicious homemade goodies made with love.

Holiday Treats Your Clients Will Love
Every year since I started freelancing I’ve made my own holiday baking for clients. The first year I baked my two older sisters helped me out because I was not a skilled baker like they were. I forgot ingredients, I burned a few cookies and I think I ate more goodies than I made. Let’s just say the majority of my clients treats were a combination of my sisters’ batches. But after seven years of baking, I think I’m semi-pro.

Now I look forward to my weekend holiday baking. This year is extra special because Christine and I joined forces to bake the best darn cookies and treats for Actually’s clients. We had a little helper too, her seven year old step-daughter. We should’ve weighed her before and after Saturday’s baking extravaganza cause the child reminded me of the first year I baked – she ate more than she made.

After a full 8 hours baked chocolate bark, chocolate covered pretzels with nuts, dried fruit or peppermint sprinkled on top, peanut butter blossom and shortbread cookies, caramel chocolate squares and lara balls, plus moulded chocolates. And I must say, they are all very yummy holiday goodies!

Then, we wrapped everything up in holiday boxes and hand delivered each parcel to the client. Delivering the goodies is my favourite part ‘cause the look on the clients’ faces is worth is priceless – knowing that we baked and hand delivered holiday treats to them. Plus, it’s fun to sense the clients’ excitement and see them drool over our handmade holiday goodies.

This holiday season make your favuorite treats for your clients. It’s the thought that counts and your clients will appreciate the effort and time you put forth making something just for them. It’s a splendid way of saying thank you.

And now I will share one of the easiest recipes – a client favourite. This recipe comes from my sister Jennifer.(shhh… don’t tell her i’m sharing it with you!)

Jennifer’s Caramel Chocolate Squares recipe:

1. 1 can of Eagle Brand
2. 1 cup of Butter
3. 1 cup of Brown Sugar
4. 1 sleeve of Graham Crackers
5. 1 cup of Semisweet Chocolate Chips

Step 1
Line a 8”x8” pan in with parchment paper. Line the bottom of the pan with graham crackers.

Step 2
Melt the butter, brown sugar and Eagle Brand in a pot. Once it starts to boil keep stirring for 5 minutes. Be careful not to let anything stick to the bottom of the pot because it will burn.

Step 3
After 5 minutes, take the bubbly mixture (be careful! It’s hot!) of caramel and pour it on top of the graham crackers. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top of the caramel and let them soften for about a minute. Then use a knife and to swirl the chocolate chips in the caramel to make a pretty pattern.

Step 4
Let them pan cool down – I usually place it in the fridge. Once they squares have cooled down take them out of the pan by lifting the parchment paper and placing on cutting board, and cut into bite size pieces.

Step 5
Try one of the delicious squares. Remember, you must always test the goodies before sending them out. Enjoy!

Actually Holiday Goodies

Actually Holiday Client Goodies












Tell us about some of the holiday gifts you send or make clients. Or give us some of your yummy recipes in the comment section below.

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