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Website, Print & Tradeshow Design

gShiftLabs Website - iMac Screenshot

The Project Vision

The vision of the gShiftLabs project was to redesign a website, making it friendly, fun, neighbourly and intuitive. We also wanted it to have great SEO web presence by maximizing opportunities for dynamic content.  We also helped them with loads of other communication materials: sales sheets, trade showbooths, online banner ads, e-books, e-workbooks, postcards and information booklets.

The Strategic Stuff

  • The use of yellow to create a sense of harmony and a neighbourly vibe to visitors.
  • A sense of synergy between copy and imagery that is edgy or daringly innovative (check out the e-book on how to Be An SEO Rockstar for example).
  • Intuitive flow of content with an easy to use navigation.
  • Creative web design is fine-tuned for dynamic SEO content with WordPress CMS.

And, there’s more!