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Great Google Web Fonts to Download

Here’s a list of some great Google Web Fonts up for download.

Great Google Web Fonts to Download - Blog Article Banner
I’ve prepared a list of stellar Google Web Fonts to Download, and there’s hundreds of free, open source fonts to choose from that have all been optimized for the web. The way Google Web Fonts works is, you browse, or search a font (like the ones I’ve listed here) then add what you like to your collection for download.

The great thing about Google Web Fonts is we’re no longer restricted to the ‘web safe’ fonts of: Arial, MS Trebuchet, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Verdana. All you need to do is grab the the code Google generates and you can add the collections (or font face) to your website.

Josefin Slab

Screenshot of Google Web Font - Josefin SlabI’m a fan –  lover and a user. I’ve used this font several times in various pieces. The font comes with 10 styles and was designed by Santiago Orozco.

Amatic SC

Screenshot of Google Web Font - Amatic SCI love the look and feel of this handwritten script font. The only downfall is I haven’t found the chance to put it to work – I’m waiting on the right piece. The font includes 2 styles and was designed by Vernon Adams.

Old Standard tt

Screenshot of Google Web Font - Old Standard TT


A serif favourite with medium, bold and italic styles. Includes three styles in medium, bold and italic font weight by Alex Kryukov.


Screenshot of Google Web Font - Oswald


Oswald is great web typeface to use when a condensed font is needed. It’s a boxy sans serif font with simple straight line descenders. Another font designed by Vernon Adams.

Open Sans Condensed

Screenshot of Google Web Font - Open Sans Condensed

Similar to Oswald but much more boxy with less curves. Three styles designed by Steve Matteson.

Droid Serif

Screenshot of Google Web Font - Droid Serif

Droid was the inspiration behind Actually’s branding typeface. I’ve got a thing for serif fonts that are slightly angled or are italicized and love the opportunity to use Droid! Designed by Steve Matteson.


Screenshot of Google Web Font - Ubuntu

A great choice for bold sans-serif design usages. It’s like helvetica – you can’t go wrong.  Designed by Dalton Maag.


Screenshot of Google Web Font - Allerta

This Google web font has formidable characters. I mean seriously, check out that ampersand and stare at right corners of the letter descenders on the l, u and r and tell me you aren’t in awe, feeling the grandeur and strength in each. Allerta is not like the others and was designed by Matt McInerney.

Tell us about your favourite Google web fonts you’ve used. Leave your comments below!

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