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Georgian College Advertising and Marketing Communications Guest Bloggers

We’ll be collaborating with a couple second year students in Georgian College’s ADMC Program over the next few months. How sweet is that?

Over the next couple of months we’ll be featuring blog articles from Guest Bloggers, Taryn Beehler and Bonnie Mendez, second year students in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Georgian College.

Why Guest Bloggers?

A few months ago we met with ADMC Program Coordinator Jeff Walther and Professor Barb Moore, to propose ADMC students work with Actually as guest bloggers. We wanted to offer students an opportunity to gain exposure in their field publishing blog articles while gaining content marketing experience and learning how to optimize content for SEO. Plus, it’s an opportunity to experience insight into the marketing world, to foster communication skills, research and enhance advertising techniques and marketing theories to build a successful professional foundation in the face-paced world of advertising and marketing communications. And what’s in it for us? More traffic, fresh ideas, new insights, connections and audience. It’s a win-win situation.

Meet Our Guest Bloggers from Georgian College

Taryn Beehler

Taryn Beehler is in her second year of Advertising and Marketing Communications at Georgian College, and will be guest blogging for Actually. Taryn loves writing, photography, sewing and other activities that help her express her creativity.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and view some of her photos on Instagram or look for “tarynbeehler” on Instagram.

Bonnie Mendez

Bonnie Mendez is in her second year of Advertising and Marketing Communications at Georgian College, and also will be a guest blogger of Actually. She loves blogging! Especially about fashion, technology, social media, marketing and advertising communications.

Check out her very own blog or follow her on Twitter @bontrick.

We’re super excited to have them part of Actually’s blogging team!

The Basics of Guest Blogging

Since we’re super excited to work with our Guest Bloggers and with Georgian College’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program we have to remember a few of guest blogger basics to keep in mind. Here’s the basics:

  1. Working with guest bloggers means a collaborative process that can sometimes be time consuming. Sometimes it means content won’t be published on out editorial deadline, but we’re OK with that because getting the personal view of the guest blogger is paramount.
  2. Guest blogging and collaboration means there’s a lot of constructive criticism, for both parties. Our goal is to get a highly expressive and detailed opinions in an intelligible or articulate way that’s written for the web.
  3. We’ll be helping the guest bloggers brainstorm and outline a good blog article, whether it’s their first time writing with us or millionth, so we anticipate lots of email tag.
  4. SEO copywriting. It’s just as important as getting the opinion down. A blogging essential is to keep things conversational, natural and audience-friendly for both the reader and search engines.
  5. Spell check. To a blogger, it’s your best friend.

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Are you a guest blogger? What was your experience like? Tell us about your experience as a guest blogger. Leave a comment below!

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